‘Vampire Academy’: Meet the Cast Re-Vamping the 2014 Movie and YA Book Series

In the era of The Vampire Diaries, YA supernatural book series were flying off the shelves. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series was a success that led to a movie adaptation in 2014 under the same name. But the movie never led to a franchise. Years later, Peacock gives the beloved teen vampire storyline gets a new shot at redemption. The Vampire Academy series promises tantalizing appeal with a cast of rising actors between royal vampire bloodlines, danger, love, and a guardian.

In the role of the royal Moroi vampire, Christian is actor Andre Dae Kim

According to TVLine, Sand Diego Comic-Con revealed the first taste of the Peacock series led by Julie Plec. Fans got to see the infamous and handsome bad boy, Christian Ozera. In the YA book series, Christian is a royal Moroi who becomes blacklisted after his parents willingly become Strigoi.

He refuses to join them, and they are eventually killed. But his parent’s decision makes him a social pariah at school and among the other vampires. In the series, he falls in love with Rose Hathaway, which causes turmoil. Christina also can manipulate fire.

In Peacock’s Vampire Academy, the character will be played by cast member Andre Dae Kim. The Canadian actor has been developing his career since 2013. His first and most prominent role to date is as Winston Chu in Degrassi: The Next Generation. For seven episodes, he was Dylan Edwards in the series Salvation. He also played the role of Young Mark Cho in the Netflix series Locke & Key.

Kieron Moore will play the hunky vampire guardian in ‘Vampire Academy’

Fans of the original movie have fond memories of swooning over actor Danila Kozlovsky as the ruggedly handsome Dimitri Belikov. The character is a Dhampir Guardian sworn to protect and lay down their lives to protect the royal bloodline. In the YA books, he is an infamous guardian who trains Rose. Sooner rather than later, they develop a romance.

In the role of the dedicated guardian is actor Kieron Moore. The British actor would be familiar to fans hooked on the British Netflix series Sex Education. Moore played the role of Dylan for two episodes. But the actor is still relatively new to the game, with Vampire Academy being his major cast role.

Sisi Stringer joins the cast of ‘Vampire Academy’ as the loyal and combat-ready Rose Hathaway

Cast member Sisi Stringer is one of the leading female roles for Vampire Academy. The actor will star as Rose Hathaway, a half Moroi and Dhampir Guardian. She is the protector of her best friend and royal princess Vasilisa Dragomir. Rose spent her childhood at the academy being trained as a guardian. But she and Lissa become “shadow-kissed” due to a tragedy, linking them together.

The official synopsis for Vampire Academy reads it is a “story of friendship, romance and danger. In a world of privilege and glamour, two young women’s friendship transcends their strikingly different classes as they prepare to complete their education and enter vampire society. One as a powerful Royal, the other a half-vampire Guardian trained to protect against the savage ‘Strigoi’ who threaten to tear their society apart. That is, if Royal infighting doesn’t do the job first.”

Fans might wonder why Sisi Stringer looks familiar. As a budding new actor, she has had a few roles, including the character of Mileena in the movie Mortal Kombat in 2021. Stringer also played the role of Tanika in the 2020 movie Children on the Corn. Peacock’s Vampire Academy will be Stringer’s first major leading role on TV.

Daniela Nieves stars as Royal Moroi vampire Lissa Dragomir

At the heart of the YA book series is not only Rose but her best friend, Lissa. It all comes down to the princess and future queen, who is the last of the Dragomir line. She lost her family in a tragic accident, and the future of vampires rests on her shoulders. Unlike other vampires, Lissa possesses the ability to harness ‘Spirit.’ Increasingly rare and sought after, it makes Lissa a target.

In the role of Lissa is actor Daniela Nieves. Fans of the YA books and movie will notice Nieves deviates from the character description – in a good way. Nieves has made most of her career in Spanish series like El Rostro de Analía.

The actor transitioned to Nickelodeon in 2014 in the leading role as Andrea Cruz in Every Witch Way. She later played Andi Crus in the teen telenovela WITS Academy. In the FX series, Snowfall, she played the role of Juana in one episode. Vampire Academy is her first major leading cast role.

Vampire Academy is set to premiere on Sept. 15.


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