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Vampires are back in town and ready to take over the small-screen. Fans can agree that the Vampire Diaries and True Blood were the height of supernatural series based on popular books. In 2014, the movie Vampire Academy was an attempt at bringing Richelle Mead’s YA book series of the same name to life. But the franchise fizzled, and Peacock is reviving the beloved Vampire Academy storyline in a series with a premiere date in September.

‘Vampire Academy’ release date set for spooky and chilling fall

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Peacock released the first look at the bloody-thirsty vampire series. Fans caught in the supernatural craze of the 2000s get a shot to let their nerd flag fly again. Vampire Academy will again adapt Mead’s YA book series, but with a modern twist and a bit more sex appeal.

The series is helmed and produced by none other than vampire series veteran Julie Plec, alongside Marguerite MacIntyre. She became infamous for bringing The Vampire Diaries book series and characters to life in what has been described as the most successful teen supernatural series.

According to TVLine, this time, she takes on Vampire Academy in a “story of friendship, romance and danger. In a world of privilege and glamour, two young women’s friendship transcends their strikingly different classes as they prepare to complete their education and enter vampire society. One as a powerful Royal, the other a half-vampire Guardian trained to protect against the savage ‘Strigoi’ who threaten to tear their society apart. That is, if Royal infighting doesn’t do the job first.”

Vampire Academy’s premiere date on Peacock is September 15, 2022. It will have 10 episodes in the first season. The series promises a more mature story than what was seen in the 2014 movie and tweaks to the main characters.

‘Vampire Academy’ stars a cast of rising actors

It is safe to say that being a part of a teen supernatural series or movie can skyrocket an actor’s career. Twilight gave Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson a global spotlight. The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder also gained fame. Vampire Academy follows in the same footsteps with a cast of actors still building their careers.

In the leading role of Lissa Dragomir is actor Daniela Nieves. Actor Sisi Stringer stars as the Dhampir guardian Rose Hathaway. Rose is by Lissa’s side fighting vampires, hierarchy, and best friend. No supernatural teen book series is without its eye candy and mysterious male characters.

Dhampir guardian Dimitri Belikov will be played by actor Kieron Moore. In the role of Lissa’s love interest and Christian Ozera is Andre Dae Kim. The ensemble cast for the series includes J. August Richards as Victor Dashkov, Anita-Joy Uwajeh as Tatiana Vogel, Mia Mckenna-Bruce as Mia Karp, and Rhian Blundell as Meredith Beckham. Actors Jonetta Kaiser will play Sonya Karp and Andrew Liner as Mason Ashford.

What is ‘Vampire Academy’ about?

All YA book series needs a few key storyline points – a tantalizing romance, a fight for power among the elite, handsome and irresistible characters, and an outside evil seeking to destroy. Vampire Academy was originally published in 2007 and had six book installments.

It told the story of Rose and her best friend, Lissa. Their friendship is unique as Rose is Lissa’s Damphir guardian. But Lissa is at the center of a bigger story as she is the last of the Dragomir line and future queen. After a few years on the run, Rose and Lissa are taken back to St. Vladimir’s Academy.

They become entangled in teenage drama, forbidden romance, and a dark evil lurking in the shadows. Not only is there a fight for power, but the Strigoi hope to make Lissa one of their own. The Strigoi are a dangerous breed of vampires who gave up their humanity by killing during a feed.


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