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The upcoming Peacock series, Vampire Academy, is developing buzz as a reboot series by Julie Plec of the 2014 movie and original book series by Richelle Mead. Part of the thrill of the storyline was the drama of royal vampire bloodlines and a forbidden romance between Rose Hathaway and her Dhampir teacher, Dimitri. But for the new Vampire Academy series, Sisi Stringer explains the problematic age-gap romance takes on an appropriate modern twist.

Rose Hathaway is only 17 years old in the original books

The YA books series has two leading characters, Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir. They are more than best friends and have the weight of the vampire world on their shoulders. Rose is a Dhampir guardian in training tasked with protecting her best friend, the last of the Dragomir line.

But beyond the drama of hierarchy and danger, Rose has a love story. When she returns to the Academy, she becomes under the charge of Dimitri Belikov. He is described as one of the most skilled Dhampi guardians to exist. Dimitri is also described as muscular, alluring, ruggedly handsome, and 24 years old.

While he trains Rose, she begins to develop feelings for him. But the books point out the complications of their romance. Not only is Dimitri her teacher and superior, but he is also seven years older than Rose. He actively tries to avoid Rose’s feelings and stop himself from developing his own. Their relationship causes some problems as one of them would become Lissa’s guardian.

But as in all YA book series, they give in to temptation and their feelings for one another. Peacocks’ Vampire Academy series has been described as a modern take on the story, with Stringer making clear points about Rose and Dimitri’s relationship.

Sisi Stringer says Rose is not the same young teen from the books in ‘Vampire Academy’ series

Fans got their first taste of the amazing chemistry between Stringer and Kieron Moore as Rose and Dimitri. In the books and movies, Rose is a firecracker who does not take well to authority and protects Lissa with her life. The official trailer displays Rose and Dimitri butting heads, but there is a distinctive sexual tension.

But will the series dive into the age-gap and forbidden romance book fans remember? At San Diego Comic-Con, Stringer and Moore discuss how Vampire Academy changes their characters’ romance.

According to an interview with The Geekiary, Stringer explains, “Its a more modern adaptation…Rose is of age. The essence of their relationship is there, but it’s a bit different. It’s not a 17-year-old student and her 24-year-old teacher.”

The actors explain the teacher-student dynamic is not there. Instead, Dimitri is not categorized as a teacher but as a mentor to Rose. Stringer explains Rose looks up to Dimitri as he is the epitome of a perfect Dhampir guardian dedicated to protecting Lissa. But fans should not worry, as Vampire Academy will still dive deep into their sizzling attraction for each other.

‘Vampire Academy’ premieres in September

The Peacock series will premiere on September 15, just in time for colder weather and the oncoming spooky season. Vampire Academy’s first season will have ten episodes and star Daniela Nieves as Lissa, alongside Stringer, Moore, and André Dae Kim as Christian. The series will explore not only Rose and Dimitri’s love story but also Lissa and Christian’s.

Their love story is also greatly forbidden for many reasons. Not only is Lissa in line for the vampire throne, but she falls in love with the one person she is not meant to. Christian is a social pariah in the book series as his parents willingly became Strigoi.

Vampire Academy will have everything fans loved from back in the 2000s era of the teen supernatural. Bonds between friends get stronger as vampire politics pose a threat, as an outside evil look to take Lissa as their own, while the main characters deal with the chaos of forbidden love.


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