‘Vanderpump Dogs’: Lisa Vanderpump Meets a Dog Who Shockingly Resembles Husband Ken Todd

Lisa Vanderpump has never met a dog she didn’t like, but she finds a little extra love for a dog featured on Vanderpump Dogs who has an uncanny resemblance to husband Ken Todd.

Duke, who is a 1-year-old Maltese mix strikes Vanderpump immediately. “Oh my God, that kind of looks like my husband!” Vanderpump exclaims upon meeting the pooch in the new series trailer. Cameras do a side-by-side with Todd’s photo and indeed, Duke could be Todd turned into a canine. “I’m sure I married you 38 years ago,” Vanderpump tells Duke.

Lisa Vanderpump on Vanderpump Dogs
Lisa Vanderpump on Vanderpump Dogs | Photo courtesy of Peacock

Lisa Vanderpump describes how she matches her dogs with the right human

Now Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans can get an inside look at the infamous Vanderpump Dogs rescue center. The rescue center became a controversial topic during Vanderpump’s final year on the show.

Cast member Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from the rescue but decided not to keep the pup when she bit and nipped at her husband and children. But rather than returning the dog to Vanderpump, Kemsley re-homed the dog. And the dog ultimately ended up in a shelter. Thankfully, Vanderpump retrieved the dog and found a suitable home for her.

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Finding the right home for each dog is the goal at Vanderpump Dogs. “It’s like a dating process,” Vanderpump describes in a confessional of how she matches the dogs to the right human. “You wanna have a little foreplay before you go all the way!” The new Peacock series follows the adoption process and the trailer shows Vanderpump making many introductions.

Duke and other rescue dogs are given the VIP treatment thanks to LVP

“The goal is to make these dogs feel like VIPs,” Vanderpump explains in a confessional. “LVP’s VIPs.” That means the dogs get the “glam” treatment. Vanderpump Dogs groomer explains grooming is a whole process “I go into places your barber doesn’t go,” he says.

Vanderpump shares that the rescue must be certain that they are finding the right match too. “We have to be sure that this is the best option for the dog,” she says. The trailer hints that the humans are scrutinized even more than the dogs before a match is made.

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“It’s not about just finding somebody attractive across the bar,” she jokes. “This isn’t a one-night stand. This is a lifelong relationship.” Vanderpump knows a lot about witnessing the action that goes down at a bar.

She owns several bars and restaurants in the Beverly Hills/West Hollywood area, including SUR and Tom Tom. Her series, Vanderpump Rules, which is filming a new season tracks the wild, partying lives of several young bartenders and servers who work at her restaurant. Romance on the show often goes sideways, so Vanderpump certainly has unique insight into relationships, whether they are human or canine.

Vanderpump is also a vocal activist for animal rights and bringing attention to the horrific practice of the Yulin dog meat festival in China.

Peacock Original Vanderpump Dogs premieres Wednesday, June 9 on Peacock.