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Now in it’s sixth season, Vanderpump Rules has become an undeniable success. Who would have thought that a show about twenty somethings working in a restaurant in LA would be so addicting.

The storylines are so crazy that you can’t turn away. Remember when it came out that Kristen Doute had slept with Jax Taylor while he was dating her best friend, Stassi Schroeder? You can’t write that kind of drama…or can you?

With all of the crazy things that these friends do and say, some people have wondered if the show is actually real or if someone is writing the whole thing.

In 2016, Katie Maloney-Schwartz gave Galore some insight on the subject.

“It’s pretty not-scripted,” she said at the time. “You see, our relationships are real. We all have our history. There are plenty of shows out there that are kind of [cast] in ways where people don’t have any kind of history prior. But it’s also hard when making a show, as they can’t show everything, and they don’t show everything that’s positive but they definitely show everything that’s negative, and that can paint people in certain lights that aren’t true to form, but it still is real.”

So it seems like the show itself might be real, but it’s the editing that skews things a bit.

For instance, the show may only catch one side of a feud, like Maloney-Schwartz’s with SUR hostess Lala Kent a few seasons back.

“That was something that was really hard to portray on the show because of her actions and words in between seasons,” Maloney-Schwartz said of her feud with Kent. “She was going on public platforms and doing podcasts, shows, and interviews being pretty disgusting towards me and my fiancé.”

She went on to say that Kent acted differently on camera than she did in real life.

“I felt pretty provoked so it is a little hard when people come up to me and tell me I’m so hard to Lala,” she continued. “I’m like, you have no idea actually how this person is. You want to tell them what you’re seeing is not the whole thing because what she was doing was not on-camera. They do stuff off-camera and then on-camera they are completely different.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast relationships

Since it’s the relationships between the cast members on the show that are actually real, let’s dive into how everyone is related to one another.

The show originally focused on best friends Maloney-Schwartz, Schroeder, and Doute, who were dating best friends Tom Schwartz, Taylor, and Tom Sandoval. Scheana Shay also worked at SUR at the time but wasn’t a core member of the friendship group.

As the show went on, Doute and Sandoval broke up, as did Taylor and Schroeder. Ariana Madix eventually moved over from Villa Blanca to SUR. At this time, she was already best friends with Shay, who had also originally worked at Villa Blanca, as well.

Kent was introduced to the group when she got hired on at SUR, and James Kennedy came onto the show in the same way.

Brittany Cartwright got added onto the cast when she began dating Taylor.

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