‘Vanderpump Rules’: Did Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Finally Go on Their Honeymoon?

Although they married in June, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules have yet to go on their honeymoon.

The couple’s wedding was featured in several episodes of the show, which included drama and controversy. From a homophobic pastor to best man drama, the wedding had a number of twists and turns. But after all the planning and parties, the couple still hasn’t gotten away on a traditional honeymoon.

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Taylor and Cartwright chatted with Daryn Carp from People TV about where they hoped to go once life returned to normal and the world could no longer be quarantined. Carp spoke to the couple via satellite and dished about what was next.

No honeymoon yet

Carp wondered if the couple would still be considered to be newlyweds. “It’ll be a year June 29,” Taylor shares. Cartwright adds, “Almost a year!” When Carp asked if they had plans for a one-year anniversary, they shared they’ve yet to take a honeymoon. “To be honest, we haven’t taken our honeymoon yet,” Taylor reveals.

“We were planning a honeymoon, but we don’t know what’s gonna happen with all this stuff going on in the world,” Cartwright says. “So we’ll see!” When they can get away, where did they want to go?

“We wanna go to Jamaica because I’ve never been to Jamaica, and I feel like there’s a lot to do there,” Cartwright says. Taylor adds that they wanted to visit a place that had activities but also someplace that had “grass hut hotels.” Of course, the reference made Cartwright giggle.

Jamaica seems to be at the top of the list as Cartwright mentioned the destination months ago to E! News. “What the goal is right now is Jamaica. I want to go to Jamaica. My mom went to Jamaica for one of her honeymoons. That sounds awful. One of her honeymoons,” she said. “I want like an over water bungalow type situation. Definitely something like in the Caribbean or tropical.” Apparently Bora Bora was also on the table too, according to People

How has their relationship evolved since being married?

Carp also wanted to know what has changed the most since the couple married. “I’ve been asked this question a bunch of times, but nothing is really weird, I just feel like I’m actually responsible for somebody,” Taylor shares. “But other than that, we’ve been together for five years. So, not really much has changed.”

The only shift Cartwright notices is the couple’s desire to start a family. “We’re married now so he’s my husband, he’s my family,” she says. “We’ll have kids soon so it’s kinda cool because we’re starting something together so it feels a little different than just dating. Still the same, but we’re starting something together.”

Taylor adds that he’s gotten advice that the first year is the hardest. “But I don’t think it’s been any different,” he says. But Cartwright adds they moved in together after dating for only a few months so they are used to each other’s living habits.