‘Vanderpump Rules’: Did Raquel Leviss Admit That James Kennedy Cheated on Her?

James Kennedy has been the source of a lot of issues on Vanderpump Rules this season. But this is nothing new for SUR’s resident DJ. Since his introduction to the show, Kennedy has fought with almost everyone in the cast.

His bad behavior ultimately resulted in him getting fired from SUR and giving up drinking.

Kennedy’s saving grace throughout all of his battles has been his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. From the moment Leviss came on the show, it was clear that she was too sweet and innocent to keep up with the drama and shade throwing that the rest of the cast dealt her. And it didn’t help things that she was always defending her boyfriend when people had issues with him.

Throughout the seasons, people have tried to tell Leviss that Kennedy was unfaithful but Leviss never seemed to believe any of them.

But when Ariana Madix brought up his possible infidelity on the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Leviss sang a different tune.

Does Leviss think Kennnedy cheated?

For most of Kennedy and Leviss’ relationship, Levis was away at school. So, Madix alleged that most of the infidelity happened during the couple’s time apart.

“Raquel and James both said to me that when they moved in together, which was at the beginning of this summer, they considered that a fresh start and a new beginning for their relationship,” Maddix said on the reunion. “She wasn’t living in Los Angeles for a majority of their relationship. So I feel like if it didn’t happen after they moved into together, it’s a moot point.”

And Leviss admitted for the first time that there may have been some infidelity in their relationship in the past.

“I think that James wasn’t completely faithful to me before we moved in together,” she conceded.

How is Leviss dealing with being on tv?

Season seven was the first where Leviss was featured front and center and the adjustment to being on television hasn’t been the easiest.

“Sitting here thinking of a good caption or something inspiring to say about this season, she wrote on Instagram. “Honestly, it’s been difficult having little pieces of my life available for anyone to judge or criticize. I don’t know why but I’m the type of person that never judges someone else, yet I am my worst critic.”

But having Kennedy with her has helped her get through it all.

“But there is one person who has been a source of comfort for Raquel: This guy right here reminds me that none of that really matters,” she captioned the photo of her and Kennedy. “‘Other people’s opinions of you is none of your damn business.’ I’ve learned people will always have something to say no matter what decision you make. So guess what, go with the thing that makes YOU the happiest. And for me, that’s [James Kennedy].”

It’s great that Leviss is learning how to deal with having her life displayed on television as she recently accepted a job at SUR so chances are we will be seeing a lot more of her.

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