‘Vanderpump Rules’: Scheana Shay Reveals Why Some People Did Not Warn Lala Kent About Randall Emmett’s Infidelity

A Vanderpump Rules relationship came to an end in the fall of 2021. Lala Kent and Randall Emmett broke up after photos surfaced of Emmett hanging out with women in Nashville. This led to rumors of Emmett cheating on Kent.

Kent once said that she would have appreciated warnings about the situation. However, fellow cast member Scheana Shay recently shared why some people were hesitant to give Kent a heads up.

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Lala Kent said ‘no one voiced any concern’ about her and Randall Emmett’s relationship

In December 2021, Kent appeared on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, where she shared that she wished someone would have told her about Emmett’s alleged infidelity.

“I wish that somebody would have come to me and said, ‘I’m getting DMs about your person. No one voiced any concern for me and my relationship,’” she explained before adding, “As time passes, I have a lot of people that are telling me things. Everyone wants to say, ‘It’s not your business.’ How would you feel? I would give everything to turn back the clock and have someone tell me something.”

During a trailer for the season 9 reunion episode of Vanderpump Rules, Kent said, “Randall Emmett creeping around on me—that should have been brought to my attention.”

Scheana Shay reveals why some people did not come forward with information

Scheana Shay recently weighed in on this situation and defended people who did not come forward. According to Shay, there were various reasons why Kent did not get much information.

Shay told Us Weekly, “I think James [Kennedy] and Kristen [Doute] had said that they had heard things years ago. But at that time, if anyone who had heard anything would’ve brought that to Lala, she would’ve shut it down.”

“She says, ‘Now I wish people came to me.’ But at the same time, if people did come to her then and she didn’t shut it down and she did leave him, she wouldn’t have Ocean,” Shay added. “So, it’s hard.”

Additionally, Shay explained that it is not uncommon for the cast members to come across unfounded rumors about their relationships, which is why sometimes people simply don’t believe everything they hear.

“I remember sitting with Ariana [Madix] one night and she gets a message on her phone that was, like, ‘I was with your man [Tom Sandoval] last night,’” Shay said. “And she’s like, ‘Really? Because we were watching a movie in bed.’ So people say things like that all of the time that I think anything anyone had heard, they just dismissed because they thought it was bulls***.”

Scheana Shay wants to ‘play matchmaker’ for Lala Kent


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Many fans are wondering who Kent might date next after her breakup from Emmett. According to Shay, there is currently a guy who is interested in Kent.

“I think right now she’s taking some time for herself, but she’ll definitely start dating again,” Shay told Us Weekly. “I have a very good man who was interested in her when the time is right. So I can’t wait to hopefully play matchmaker.”