‘Vanderpump Rules’: Twitter’s Reaction to Tom Sandoval’s Freak Out Over Stassi’s Book Party Is Pure Gold!

Who would have thought a book signing could be this dramatic? The drama on Bravo’s hit reality series, Vanderpump Rules, heated up after Stassi Schroeder got into a shouting match with Tom Sandoval during her book signing event at Tom Tom. While Schroeder wasn’t pulling any punches, the reaction to the drama on Twitter was pure gold.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandoval
‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Tom Sandoval | Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Nocking Points Wines

Schroeder and Sandoval butt heads on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Schroeder had some beef to settle after Sandoval sent her some angry messages about hosting her book signing at Tom Tom. Not one to let the texts go unanswered, Schroeder confronted Sandoval about his comments during the event.

The discussion quickly escalated into a shouting match – which unfolded in the public area of the restaurant.

According to Bravo, Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, also slammed him for how he handled the situation during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Before the Vanderpump Rules star sent the messages to Schroeder, Madix told him that he should let it go and not contact her for any reason.

“Oh my god, I told him, ‘Do not contact her whatsoever. I am going to bed,’” she stated. “And then I woke up and that already happened.”

One might expect Madix to stick up for Sandoval, but that obviously didn’t happen. She later said that she thought he handled the situation horribly and that his actions were “severely inappropriate.”

Madix also wished that Sandoval and Schroeder would have discussed their issues in private and not at the book signing, but fans were sure happy that Vanderpump Rules cameras were rolling.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz slams Sandoval

Schroeder is not the only one who has beef with Sandoval. Taking to Twitter, Katie Maloney-Schwartz recently slammed Sandoval for his comments about her husband, Tom Schwartz, who happens to also be a partial owner of Tom Tom.

Maloney-Schwartz heavily criticized Sandoval for belittling her husband on Vanderpump Rules and saying that he does a lot of the heavy lifting for the restaurant.

“Sandoval doesn’t oversee valet and scheduling or anything pertaining to what would make or break an event happen or not at Tom Tom,” she explained. “Not going to sit idly by and let this whole ‘protocol’ thing be an actual thing. The event was a smashing success!!!”

She added that Sandoval should respect his business partner a lot more. She also does not understand why Sandoval seems to believe that he does more work than her husband, saying they simply have different roles.

Sandoval was upset over the book signing event because he was not consulted in the planning process. He claims that Schroeder did not follow the right protocol in setting up the event, even though she got it approved by his business partner.

While the drama between Schroeder and Sandoval is far from over, fans expressed how they felt about the drama on Twitter.

Fans react to the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ drama

To be fair, keeping Sandoval out of the loop was not good for all the parties involved with Schroeder’s event. He is, after all, part-owner of Tom Tom and should know about the events that are being hosted in his bar.

But that is no excuse for how he treated Schroeder and Schwartz. Taking to Twitter, a few Vanderpump Rules star rightly pointed out that Sandoval was way out of line getting into a shouting match with Schroeder in front of customers.

“Nobody gives a s—t Tom Sandoval! Sorry that you can’t run your own business? Sorry that your staff didn’t communicate with you?” one fan wrote. “I still don’t hear a reason for treating @stassi that way. She was a guest, bringing customers to your bar.”

Other fans argued that it was not Schroeder’s responsibility to make sure all of the owners of Tom Tom knew about her event. They also blasted Sandoval for talking down to his business partner and acting like he is the brains of the operation.

There is no telling how the drama is going to end between Sandoval and Schroeder, but it is clear that most Vanderpump Rules fans think he is in the wrong.

Did any fans support Sandoval?

In short, most of the reaction on Twitter was against Sandoval. There were some Vanderpump Rules fans who thought he should have been kept in the loop, but most agreed that his behavior was unacceptable.

A few fans were also puzzled by his behavior, considering how Schroeder’s event was going smoothly and she was bringing customers into the bar.

Sandoval has not commented on the backlash he has received on social media, but we have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ve heard of him.

Sandoval and Schwartz opened Tom Tom with Lisa Vanderpump a few years ago. They have both starred on Vanderpump Rules for several years, though it seems like the drama might be wearing Sandoval thin.

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Tuesday nights on Bravo.