‘Vanderpump Rules’: Which ‘Family Karma’ Cast Member Is Like Jax Taylor?

Quite a few of the Family Karma cast members were already huge Bravo fans before they joined the Bravo family.

Vishal Parvani, Richa Sadana, Reshma Parvani, Kishor Parvani
Vishal Parvani, Richa Sadana, Reshma Parvani, Kishor Parvani | Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Vishal Parvani from Family Karma recently dished about the new show, but also shared who is his favorite Bravolebrity. Parvani chatted with the hosts from Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast who remarked how Parvani “rolled in like a kid off of Vanderpump Rules.” Apparently, Parvani was “recovering” from bachelor party fun. “Don’t mind the bloodshot eyes,” Parvani laughed.

At first, one of the hosts suggested that Parvani was the Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules of Family Karma. “I am not the Jax Taylor of my show,” Parvani said.

However, he added, “I do love Jax Taylor, but he’s an a**hole who owns it! I wish I could be more of an a**hole sometimes and own it, but I’m not.” But who does Parvani think is like Taylor?

He thinks Taylor might meet his match with his fiancée Richa

Parvani’s straight-shooter fiancée Richa Sadana may give Taylor a run for his money. “But my fiancée, Richa, is an a**hole and probably could,” Vishal admitted. “But, like, a**hole in a good way. She could put Jax in his place.”

Is one reason why Parvani likes Taylor because perhaps he reminds him of the love of his life? “Yeah, some of it reminds me of my fiancée,” Parvani laughs. “That’s so weird!”

Parvani tweeted about the podcast and his comparison of Taylor to Sadana. “Listen to the #BravoDailyDish podcast, and tell you’re aunties to as well. I compare @RichaSadana to @mrjaxtaylor.” One follower didn’t love the idea that Parvani compared Sadana to Taylor. “How could you compare Richa to Jax? Vishal, don’t let us start off on the wrong foot,” one viewer replied. “OMG. I don’t believe Richa would ever treat Lopa the way that loser has been treating his mother since the father passed.”

But Parvani responded by saying the similarities extend only to the part where both Sadana and Taylor will put people in their place.

Buckle up for a wild ride

When The Daily Dish hosts asked how Family Karma came to fruition, Parvani joked, “Have you met my family?” Adding, “They are super, super entertaining. I’m super glad to be apart of this show and to highlight the Indian culture and my friends and family. We’re the first American docuseries featuring an all-Indian cast.”

Parvani says word has traveled fast about the show within the Indian community. “You don’t even need any marketing,” he jokes. “Tell one Indian auntie, like you’ll have 20% of the population will know about it in one week!”

But when the Daily Dish host says she’s a fan of his future mother in law, Lopa he replied, “That makes one of us!” Then added laughing, “I’m kidding Richa, I’m kidding! I love her!” He adds that when Lopa says something it may be her opinion, but it becomes a fact in her eyes. Parvani and Sadana haven’t been able to actually get married as they wait for Lopa’s approval.

An upcoming preview shows that getting Lopa’s approval is going to be easier said than done.

Family Karma airs on Sunday night at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. Central on Bravo.