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The cast of Vanderpump Rules is known for their beauty. Seriously, looking at their merry band of twenty and thirtysomethings is like looking through the pages of a fashion magazine. They all look perfectly done up no matter how drunk or hungover they are.

One person on the show who prides herself on her good looks is hostess Lala Kent. But she’s not under the impression that good looks will last forever, which is why she is proactive about maintaining her beauty through plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. Her latest procedure was having her tear troughs filled.

You might be wondering why someone would go to lengths so far as to get something as insignificant as their tear troughs filled. The answer? To get rid of pesky dark circles beneath the eyes.

“I really have like these deep troughs, tear troughs, so I may try a little filler in them — but I might be too scared,” she told The Lookbook back in December. Her fears didn’t last long, though, because last week, Kent went to SkinTight Aesthetics in Santa Monica to have the procedure done.

The aesthetics company shared the process on their Instagram.

“The gorgeous @lalakent from #vanderpumprules came into the office today!” they captioned a video of Kent receiving the fillers. “In this video, we are injecting Restylane Lyft into her tear troughs. She is fab & the results are amazing!”

While there, Kent also got more fillers added to her lips.

“I’m about to get these lips injected,” she said on her Instagram stories. “They’re falling a little flat and I want them puffy like pillows.”

At the end of the visit, Kent was over the moon with how everything turned out.

“Dude, I am loving my lippies,” she told her followers. “And the fact that I don’t have tear troughs anymore, like those deep ones — I feel so cute!”

What are the benefits of tear trough fillers?

Tear trough treatments are on the rise with celebrities and influencers, alike. The procedure plumps up the skin under your eyes using hyaluronic acid fillers. This type of filler is a naturally occurring substance which is put into skin to make it look younger and firmer. In some cases, patients will only receive one treatment, while others may need to do the treatment in stages.

One of the most appealing aspects of this procedure is that there is no downtime afterwards. Doctors do, however, recommend that you lay off any intense activities for the first 24 hours after the treatment.

The results of tear trough fillers usually last for six to nine months!

What other cosmetic procedures has Lala Kent had done?

Kent is not shy at all about telling fans what she has had done. In 2018, she allowed her fans to ask her any questions that they wanted on Instagram and she answered them on her Instagram stories.

“I had my lips injected only one time because the pain was unbearable and that was over a year ago and I feel like it’s still stayed the same,” she said when a fan asked how often she got her lips filled. “But, dude, no. Needles in my lips is like excruciating.”

Since then, she has clearly changed her tune since she just got them refilled at SkinTight Aesthetics.

Another person asked the hostess if she also got Botox.

“I for sure do. I am not shy to admit what I get done,” Kent said. “I like my fillers, I like my Botox, I like anything to make me look froze as f–k.”

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