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The upcoming Venom movie sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, has been delayed multiple times. One of the biggest questions fans have ahead of its release is: Are Eddie Brock and Venom an item? Tom Hardy is back as Eddie, and Michelle Williams returns as Anne Weying, but she has another love interest. Rumor has it that the symbiote is going to fall in love with its host, thereby strengthening their connection. Let’s take a look at what fans are saying about the unusual love affair.

Fans like the idea of a symbiote love affair

Venom in 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage'
Venom in ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ | Sony Pictures

Fans live for comic-book canon when it comes to their favorite characters in movies. In the comics, the character Venom has had other hosts. But the bond formed with Eddie Brock is one of the Spider-Man universe’s most unusual and enduring relationships. Peter Parker didn’t like the feeling of power when he bonded with him. In fact, he saw it as poison and rejected it. 

However, Eddie found the power very attractive, and the two hit it off, so to speak, because of their mutual hatred of Peter Parker. Eddie Brock’s story begins in the comics when he loses his job as a reporter at the Daily Globe due to his mishandling of a major story that he blamed on Spider-Man. Eddie was clearly Venom’s favorite host. The two have a close relationship, so it only makes sense that Venom would want to deepen that relationship further by making it romantic in nature.

Venom falls for Eddie

A trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage shows Venom making breakfast for Eddie. It plays almost like a romantic comedy. What the duo found from the back and forth bantering in the first film is that they are better together than they are apart. In this film, Eddie is setting some ground rules for Venom. One of them is that there will be no people eating. 

Like any love affair, there has to be compromise. How this will play out with Venom is anyone’s guess. But it’s interesting to see that the two are learning to live together despite the fact that one of them is human and the other is, well, a symbiotic blood-thirsty organism. 

Sony is playing up the hype


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Sony is banking on the sequel by using the fan reaction to the somewhat unusual relationship to sell tickets. The studio has played up the romantic comedy angle a bit with their recent trailers for the film and fans are here for it.

Eddie and Venom have now entered the odd couple stage of their relationship. Even if the message isn’t meant to be one of romantic involvement in the traditional sense, the pair genuinely seem to care for each other, kind of in the way that an old couple who bicker all the time will still hold the door for one another. There’s tension there, but there is also love and kindness. 

The pair will have to work out their differences in the face of a new and more dangerous threat, Carnage. In the comic books, Cletus and Eddie are cellmates in prison and Venom gives birth to the symbiote Carnage. The resulting symbiote bonds to Cletus and the resulting combo becomes much stronger than the Brock/Venom duo. 

Whatever the latest sequel holds for Eddie and Venom, one thing is clear. With the return of Woody Harrelson’s character Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, they are going to have their work cut out for them.