Vera Wang Doesn’t Skimp When It Comes To Her Diet: ‘I’m a Chip Freak’

Fashion mogul Vera Wang just wowed the masses with a series of Instagram photos she recently posted. At 70 years old, the dress designer is the epitome of defying age in every form.

Though Wang clearly pays attention to her appearance, she apparently isn’t too stringent when it comes to her daily caloric intake.

Vera Wang attends as Grey Goose toasts to the 2019 US Open
Vera Wang | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Grey Goose

Vera Wang quarantines down South

While in lockdown during the coronavirus crisis, Wang is spending quarantine in Florida with some industry colleagues.

“Unlike many New Yorkers, I happened to have quarantined in Miami after Paris Fashion Week with my workday fashion family,” Wang told Harper’s Bazaar. “If you are lucky enough to be with a group of people you know so well and have travelled with so extensively, being restricted can bring so many positive and different nuances to the experience.”

The fashion icon is seeing the benefits of surrounding herself with her core group, where she is motivated to stay in shape and focus on connection.

“All of them are extremely fit, which pushed me to ‘work out’ most days. But on another level, the fact we could speak about life, love, work, priorities, family, even fears made each day a new experience,” Wang explained.
“Forcing ourselves to celebrate each life event from birthdays, anniversaries, holidays such as Easter, even births, and sadly, illnesses, helped me to see the need to treasure these milestones no matter what.”

Wang is also allowing herself time to just enjoy her wardrobe and refraining from any fancy primping. “Of course, it being a hardcore fashion group, and me having my lifelong obsession with leggings, I had the opportunity to actually ‘play’ with clothes, something even a fashion designer rarely has the luxury of doing,” she shared. “But I will say, never again will I ever complain about having my hair blown dry!”

Fashion icon mixes it up with meals

While Wang’s followers were in awe of her trim and lean physique, the designer has previously revealed that she doesn’t adhere to any strict meal plan and apparently isn’t a fan of intermittent fasting.

“I never miss a meal; I have to feed my brain,” Wang said in 2012, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Breakfast is usually “yogurt and fresh fruit or eggs and chicken sausage. If it’s a Sunday, for a treat I’ll have smoked salmon with brown bread and lots of lemon.”

Wang wings it midday when deciding on what to eat. “I go through phases with what I eat for lunch: I like sashimi with brown rice and vegetables, Chinese steamed broccoli with chicken and rice,” she shared. “At one point I was eating a slice of Ray’s pizza every day, and I never gained a pound on it. It’s not a bad thing if you squeeze out that excess oil. It’s so filling.”

While she’s flex on meals, Wang is more disciplined with her beverages. “I only drink water; I stopped drinking Diet Coke six years ago,” she revealed. “That was the hardest thing I ever gave up.”

Vera Wang loves ‘orange food’

The fashion mogul opts to dine out most nights for dinner though she gives herself a time limit. “I go out to dinner five nights a week, and I’m pretty strict that it’s no later than 7:30,” Wang said. 

Her kitchen offers a smorgasbord of options, where Wang houses more than one fridge. “You would never think it’s a fashion designer’s kitchen,” she admitted. “There are two TVs. There’s an ice cream freezer, a soda fridge, and a healthy fridge. There’s the liquor thing, where the vodkas are kept ice-cold.”

Wang also has an assortment of pantries for a variety of goodies, including her favorite indulgence of colorful salty snacks. “We have a candy pantry, a cereal pantry, and a pantry for what I call ‘orange food’—Cheetos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, all kinds of chips,” she shared. “I’m a chip freak. I’ll find a way to sneak a chip in with a cocktail—yes, sirree! It’s so fabulous, orange food.”

Whatever plan Wang is following, it is clearly working for her!