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Teen shows in the early 2000s were full of betrayals and love triangles, which kept viewers coming for more. As 2004 rolled around, one show cemented the legend that is teen drama shows today.

The show proved that it can go darker than any other before it had ever done before.

Veronica Mars centered on the life of one teenage girl from a fictional town called Neptune in California. The show stamped Kristen Bell’s name in Hollywood and her status as a big name in acting even before she became famous for Frozen.

While Veronica had her emotional baggage, the show’s runners revealed that she wasn’t the only character who had a stash full of secrets. Below are some of the revealed secrets about the hit cult show.

What was ‘Veronica Mars’ about?

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell | David Livingston/Getty Images

Veronica Mars starts in the fictional town of Neptune with the death of Veronica’s friend Lilly Kane. Mars’ father, Keith Mars, loses his position and influence as the sheriff while his daughter loses her status as the school’s popular girl.

This is due to Veronica’s father’s accusations against Jake Kane, her boyfriend’s father.

Veronica tells her story in voice-overs that fit the main story. Although Veronica wasn’t from a high social class, she fit into the popular group of the ’09ers’ due to her father’s influence as the town’s sheriff and her romantic relationship with Duncan Kane, Lilly’s brother.

Veronica worked at the Java the Hut part-time while also doubling up as a private investigator for her father’s investigative firm, Mars Investigations. After Lilly’s death, Veronica gets exiled from the ’09ers’ but crashes one of their parties to prove a point to her friends.

Unfortunately, someone spiked her drink, and she comes to the next morning with no recollection of what happened the previous night. She eventually realizes she was the victim of a sexual assault.

When she takes the matter to the local sheriff’s office, she is branded a liar and thrown out.

Veronica’s relationship with Duncan

As revealed above, Veronica dated her best friend’s brother, Duncan Kane, played by Teddy Dun for some time. The lovebirds’ mothers were openly against their relationship, but the two carried on despite the objections.

Veronica would later find out why her mother, Lianne Mars, was in a joint objection of the relationship with Duncan’s mother, Celeste Kane.

Before Lilly died, Celeste Kane confided in her son about his father’s affair with Veronica’s mother. The information put up the speculation that Veronica could have been Duncan’s half-sister.

Duncan ended up calling off the relationship with Veronica without any explanation.

Veronica Mars first aired in 2004 on UPN. The CW network later picked it up from 2006 until its cancellation in 2007. Rob Thomas had stated that he initially intended the show to have a male lead but decided against it mid-writing.

The switch made Veronica Mars an icon in a time when there weren’t many female-led shows on air.

 The plot twist that never happened

Rob Thomas, the show’s creator, recently revealed that Veronica and Duncan could’ve been related if he had his way, according to Screen Rant.

Veronica learns of the reason why Duncan called it quits on their relationship. As the show progresses, Veronica and Duncan realize that the Kane family had tried to lie to separate them. 

Veronica’s dad Keith takes a paternity test and realizes he is Veronica’s birth father. The realization worked out for all involved, including the viewers, as Veronica and her father shared a unique bond, making the show even more interesting.

Thomas had intended that the two realize they were related to give the show a surprising twist. However, the network’s executive found the plot twist too inappropriate for the then viewership, which mostly consisted of teenagers and young people.

Veronica Mars is available for streaming on Hulu.