‘Very Cavallari’: What Has Shannon Ford Been Doing Since Getting Axed from Uncommon James?

The writing was on the wall for Shannon Ford. After a drama-filled first season of Very Cavallari, fans wondered how long Ford would manage to keep her social media gig with Uncommon James. Season 2 of the show revealed that Ford was let go, but not without a bunch of hand-wringing from Kristin Cavallari. The founder attempted to navigate the process of firing someone with her husband, Jay Cutler, who frankly, seemed more interested in his rogue chicken.

When the episode wrapped, however, Cavallari made it through and had finally given Ford the boot. Fans of the quick-witted head of social media, however, were left wondering what Ford has been up to since leaving the accessories brand. We have the answers.

Why did Shannon Ford get fired?

Fans were clued into Ford’s absence from Uncommon James when the Season 2 trailer for Very Cavallari dropped. The redheaded model was nowhere in sight, leaving fans to wonder if she had walked away from the show. In fact, Ford was let go from the company after she failed to see eye-to-eye with Cavallari, the company’s founder.

Cavallari, 32, found out quickly that she needed to find people who have significant work experience, since she, herself, has limited knowledge of the business world. Sure, she’s got the backing of Jay Cutler, and she has star power, but running the day-to-day operations of a real business is not something that the mother of three knows a ton about.

According to Page Six, Ford was axed for her dramatics and lack of work ethic. Cavallari also found that, although Ford was good on paper, she lacked the real-life experience to drive a brand forward. Ford’s firing was featured on the premiere episode of Very Cavallari Season 2.

What has Shannon Ford been up to since Uncommon James?

While the world just learned that Shannon Ford got axed from Uncommon James a couple of days ago, the real showdown between Cavallari and Ford went down several months ago. Since being fired, Ford has decided that she prefers to work for herself, and she’s been doing a pretty good job so far.

According to a recent Instagram story, Ford is currently using her social media wiles to promote her own brand and products. The model and social media guru released a Pop Socket line that sold out quickly, and now she’s moved onto crafting hats with her most famous and witty sayings.

Ford, 25, also intersperses her social media feeds with sponsored posts. With 208,000 Instagram followers and growing, Ford is hard at work expanding her very own social media empire. Sure, things didn’t work out at Uncommon James, and Ford’s work ethic was questionable at best, but it seems she’s found motivation in promoting herself instead of someone else.

What’s next for Uncommon James?

Even without business know-how, Cavallari’s accessories brand has been doing well. Fans have watched Cavallari navigate everything from people management, to website errors and she didn’t always do so gracefully, according to E!. The wife of the former football great, however, seems to be pulling it together and is excited to watch her brand grow.

Cavallari revealed that she’s dealt with some turnover since letting Shannon Ford go from her flagship brand, but she notes that it’s all just part of doing business, according to Page Six. The Laguna Beach alum is now hunting for employees with at least eight years of relevant experience in the space.