Victoria Beckham Once Used a Sex Doll to Avoid Paparazzi

In 2007, David Beckham made history by jumping the pond to play for the LA Galaxy. He had previously been the star player for one of England’s most famous soccer teams, Manchester United. From there he took a job with Real Madrid, one of the most famous teams in the world.

But moving to LA wasn’t about playing for a famous team. It also wasn’t about the money. At least, not entirely. David claimed he wanted to make American soccer more popular.

Victoria Beckham attends the screening of "Cafe Society" at the opening gala of the annual 69th Cannes Film Festival.
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He hoped that by bringing his fame with him to the LA Galaxy, he would draw in new fans. He would play for LA for 5 years, retiring in 2012. He made more than $6 million a year during his American career.

He wasn’t the only Beckham who tried to draw in new American fans. His wife, Victoria Beckham, turned to reality TV to spotlight her transition from the UK to the U.S.

Victoria Beckham had a reality show detailing her move to LA

David Beckham brought more than a love of soccer with him to the United States. He also dragged Victoria Beckham, his wife, along with him. Although Victoria Beckham is now an entrepreneur, designer, and ultra-rich soccer wife, her claim to fame is as Posh Spice.

She was a key integrant in the 1990s pop band The Spice Girls. The group was known for their style and sass, and Posh’s reality show had that in spades. 

Titled Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, the show follows Victoria Beckham as she adjusts to life in LA. The transition isn’t always smooth.

For example, Posh has to get her U.S. driver’s license. She tries to ask her assistant a question during the written portion of the exam and gets called out by the instructor. She called him out right back.

Once she got her license, she was pulled over. The worst part? She was wearing improper footwear. According to Victoria Beckham: “I was completely shocked and devastated because I was wearing flat shoes.” 

Victoria Beckham dressed up a sex doll to avoid paparazzi 

LA means paparazzi. Although the Beckhams are no strangers to the press, Posh didn’t want to have to deal with photographers. So she dressed up a sex doll to throw them off her trail.

Unfortunately, there was one big difference between Victoria and the doll. As she put it, the doll was “very believable…apart from the fact that she’s smiling.” 

Posh was always honest about who she was. Even as a member of the Spice Girls, she wasn’t known as the chipper one. As Victoria put it: “I think people probably see me as a miserable pouty b**** to be honest.”

But she doesn’t seem to care. It’s part of the Posh charm. 

Victoria Beckham’s reality show only lasted one season 

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It’s really too bad the reality show special only lasted a few episodes. Posh’s no nonsense personality was hilarious, and she had really only started getting used to LA by the time the show ended. The grand finale of Victoria Beckham: Coming to America  was Posh throwing the first pitch at Dodger’s game. 

She of course made a quip about the fact that she wasn’t “Sporty,” referencing her fellow Spice Girl, Sporty Spice, but that was only the beginning of the hilarity that was Posh at a baseball game. The team agreed to let her throw the first pitch, but it wasn’t quite the experience she was expecting.

As she walked off the field, she told cameras: “I really feel that one of my silicones were gonna fly out my armpit then.” That’s the kind of refreshing honesty reality TV needs right now. Victoria Beckham isn’t living in the US anymore, but maybe she could come back for a little bit, just for the sake of another special.