Victoria Beckham Says Her Diet Includes ‘Lots of Tequila and Lots of Red Wine’

Victoria Beckham’s opening up about her eating and drinking habits. 

The former member of the Spice Girls, who heads up her own eponymous luxury label, shared what her diet includes in a YouTube video published on Dec. 11, 2019, where she answered the most Googled questions about herself. 

She eats “healthy” but drinks ‘lots of tequila and red wine’

The designer who shares four children with her longtime husband, David Beckham, offered up details about her diet in the five-minute video. Answering the first question, “What is Victoria Beckham’s diet?” the 45-year-old shared what’s included in her meals. While she reaches for fresh foods that are packed with good-for-you nutrients she admitted to making room for a treat or two. 

Victoria Beckham on March 27, 2019, at the opening ceremony for the National Museum of Qatar
Victoria Beckham on March 27, 2019, at the opening ceremony for the National Museum of Qatar | KARIM JAAFAR/AFP via Getty Images

Beckham called her diet “healthy,” saying [it includes] “lots of fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fruit, [and] lots of water to keep hydrated.” When she’s not guzzling water like other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez who is known to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, the former pop star drinks “lots of tequila and lots of red wine.”

Watch Beckham answer other FAQs about herself in the video below: 

She won’t skip meals in front of her family

While Beckham once told Vogue she’d skip meals to fit into a tight dress later, as a mom she makes a point to go without food while eating with her family. She told Glamour she’s adopted a positive attitude toward food. 

“You realize they notice everything,” Beckham said. “I would never sit down with my kids and skip a meal. You need to show little people how to be healthy and happy with who they are,” she explained. 

Beckham watches TV on the treadmill 

When she’s not enjoying healthy meals with the occasional glass of red wine or tequila or working, Beckham can be found on the treadmill watching TV. The designer starts her mornings off with exercise by doing a “mix of uphill fast walking, jogging, running,” she told Women’s Health. “That’s the only time I watch TV – boxsets, documentaries – so I look forward to that,” Beckham said.”

After cardio, she’s not done. Beckham continues with strength training. 

She continues for at least another hour on other aspects of training. Beckham does “30-minutes legs, 30-minutes arms, toning and conditioning, then loads of planks and that kind of thing for my core,” the designer said. 

After her intense gym session is over, Beckham goes on with the rest of her day whether that means dropping her kids off at school, heading to the office, or traveling. While the time she spends in the gym might seem excessive to some, the mother and business owner works especially hard in the gym because she asks a lot of her body. 

“I expect a lot from my body – I’m 44, I’ve got four kids, I work a lot, I travel,” she told the publication at the time. “For me to do all that, I have to eat healthily and work out.”