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According to sources, decision-makers at The View chose Alyssa Farah Griffin as a co-host because they were looking for someone much different than their former star Meghan McCain.

Read on to learn more about McCain’s time on The View and how sources say Farah Griffin differs from the former co-host. Plus, find out what role Farah Griffin played in the administration of former President Donald Trump.

(L) Alyssa Farah Griffin on 'The View' in 2022 (R) Meghan McCain on 'The View' in 2017
(L) Alyssa Farah Griffin | Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images (R) Meghan McCain | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

Meghan McCain said ‘The View’ ‘doesn’t breed an environment where the co-hosts are close’

McCain brought a conservative perspective to The View starting in 2017, and she remained on the show for four years. But she revealed in her memoir that her relationships with her fellow co-hosts, like Whoopi Goldberg, became abrasive.

In Bad Republican, she recalled returning from maternity leave and joking that Joy Behar must have missed her (per Variety). She said Behar replied by telling her she didn’t miss her, adding, “Zero!”

Following that interaction, McCain said she sobbed, vomited, and had a panic attack in her office. That led to her decision to leave the show. “When you come in as a host, you are a rotating peg on a carousel, and you’ll be in and out,” she explained to Variety. “It doesn’t breed an environment where you’re close.”

She added, “I felt like a lot of people took out their anger on the [Trump] administration on me because I was the only person in the building who was a Republican.”

McCain claimed the Trump family also tormented her as her father, former Senator John McCain, was succumbing to terminal illness.

Alyssa Farah Griffin is reportedly in at ‘The View’ because she isn’t ‘toxic’ like Meghan McCain

McCain complained of a toxic work environment at The View, but sources told Page Six she created it. Farah Griffin is a rumored front-runner for a permanent seat because producers “did not want another Meghan McCain,” they said.

Those sources claimed that, unlike McCain, Farah Griffin has “a lot of fans at ABC” and “adds a nice dynamic to the table.”


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Alyssa Farah Griffin was part of former President Trump’s administration

The announcement that Farah Griffin will likely take The View‘s conservative seat permanently in the show’s 26th season didn’t come without controversy. Comedian Wanda Sykes reportedly pulled out of a visit when the former White House Communications Director was guest co-hosting (per Salon).

Notably, Farah Griffin vocally denounced the former president following the events at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. After that, she scored a contract with CNN before landing a spot as a guest co-host auditioning for permanency on The View (per Vanity Fair).

One acquaintance explained her unique appeal. “With The View, they are looking for someone who was pro-Trump but is also anti-Trump, who has credibility with Trumpworld but also rejects January 6,” a source who worked with Farah Griffin told Vanity Fair, adding, “That is a constituency of one.”