Viewers Attacked Frankie Delgado After His Actions Toward ‘Jersey Shore’s Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

When the Celebrity Family Feud episode starring the Jersey Shore roommates and the cast of The Hills aired, viewers had a lot to say about how Frankie Delgado treated Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Several viewers took to Twitter to directly address Delgado’s lack of sportsmanship and overall “d*uchey” attitude toward Sorrentino. 

Frankie Delgado 'Celebrity Family Feud'
Steve Harvey & Frankie Delgado | Byron Cohen / ABC via Getty Images

Viewers don’t approve of Frankie’s behavior on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ 

Sportsmanship is part of playing Family Feud. Typically when a player approaches the podium, they’ll shake hands with their opponent before play begins. When it came time for Delgado to face off with Sorrentino, there was some tension between them. 

When Sorrentino extended his hand for a shake, Delgado faked him out and pantomimed brushing his hair back. “Now we got a situation,” Sorrentino joked. “Michael, yes, we do,” Delgado replied. Noticing the tension, Steve Harvey joked: “I got all my money on him,” alluding to Sorrentino winning in a fight. 

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Several viewers spoke out on Twitter about Delgado’s actions. “This was a great Family Feud — I thought Frankie gave ‘The Situation’ too much attitude for no reason — way to keep it classy Situation,” a fan of Sorrentino tweeted. “Watching Celebrity Family Feud Jersey Shore vs. The Hills and Spencer and Frankie couldn’t be bigger D-bags,” read another viewer’s Tweet

Did ‘The Situation’ throw shade on Twitter after the episode aired? 

Many viewers were on Sorrentino’s side. After the episode, Sorrentino posted a tweet that many people thought was directed at Delgado. 

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While he never outwardly addressed Delgado, one fan suggested that Sorrentino share his advice with The Hills star. “Tell that to that loser Frankie,” the viewer replied. Sorrentino never commented on the many replies to his tweet, but he did give one a “like” — and it was to that fan. 

Many viewers shamed Frankie directly for his actions 

While some viewers commented on the cast of Jersey Shore‘s social media, others went directly to the source and shared their thoughts on Delgado’s social posts. When he tweeted to promote the episode, not a single person left a positive comment.

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“They’re big mad that Jersey Shore is better & MORE REAL than they will ever be plus everyone loves BDS!,” tweeted one viewer. “No one knows this dude.” Other replies questioned Delgado’s claim to fame. “And who are you??,” read one Tweet. “I just remembered who you were, the sidekick no one knew, and that attitude to the nicest guy, ‘The Situation,’ not a good look,” another viewer added. Others resorted to calling Delgado names, including “d*uche hole,” “tool,” and “a*s.” 

Regardless of how negative some of the replies were, Delgado did not address any comments on his social media posts. At this time, it’s unclear how he feels about how the game went or Sorrentino.