‘Vikings’: Could Lagertha and Ubbe End up Together?

Vikings fans have a number of theories about how things are going to play out in the final season. One Reddit user is convinced that Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and Ubbe (Patrick Jordan Smith) could end up together in the end. Read on to learn more about the fan prediction.

Lagertha and Ubbe have a strange relationship

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

The situation between Lagertha and Ubbe is more than a little complicated. Lagertha killed Ubbe’s mother, Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and took back her home of Kattegat. At first, Ubbe wants revenge, but he soon realizes that plan would never work. He’s a practical man and he knows that it’s better to have Lagertha as an ally than an enemy.

Ubbe and his real mother were never close and he eventually gets over things, or at least appears to have moved on. He even marries Torvi (Georgia Hirst), who is extremely close to Lagertha. Ubbe knows that Lagertha could very well have chosen to kill him and his brothers, but she didn’t. They have become closer over the years.

Lagertha tells Ubbe he looks like Ragnar Lothbrok

Lagertha even tells Ubbe how much he resembles his father, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), when she first knew him and they were married. The moment has given one Reddit user their own prediction about what might happen between Lagertha and Ubbe.

Could they end up together?

“Ever since Lagertha said to Ubbe that he looked liked Ragnar when he was younger I always thought they might kindle a romance, but would the characters be above that or the writers simply won’t consider it?” a Reddit user wrote.

Fans are understandably conflicted about the potential relationship. “I could see it, but man that would be weird,” another user explained.

“I think you’re on to something. This will happen I guarantee it,” another Reddit user wrote.

Lagertha and Ubbe have a platonic relationship

However, there are other fans that could never see Lagertha taking things in that direction after everything she’s been through. “Ubbe is different, and I think Lagertha is done screwing around,” another Reddit user said.

A Reddit user thinks that Lagertha serves a maternal role in Ubbe’s life since he never really had a mother to look up to. She also knew his father for many years and what he would have wanted for their people and it has brought them closer.

“Always saw her role in Ubbe’s life as strictly maternal. He has never seemed to have any strong connection to his actual mother, but he seems to have grown to respect Lagertha as a warrior and ally,” a user explained. “She is also the one person who knew Ragnar before his days as a ruler. She understands what Ragnar would’ve wanted and what his long-term goals were. So I think Ubbe definitely connects with Lagertha on an emotional level, just not a romantic one.”

Others just want them to keep things platonic. “A good platonic relationship is refreshing and far more believable than a mother bumping uglies with her son’s half-brother,” a Reddit user wrote.

Some fans think it would be a good idea for Lagertha and Ubbe to get together, while others just find the thought absolutely wrong.