‘Vikings’: Could Ubbe Be the Next Ironside?

Fans of the hit series Vikings have really taken a liking to Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) now that he’s older. Some fans on Reddit think he may even be the next Ironside. Read on to learn why this could be a serious possibility.

Ragnar Lothbrok’s son, Ubbe

Ubbe is the first son by Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) and Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). He has an older brother, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) that up until season 5, seemed to be the strongest of the sons of Ragnar. Bjorn receives the nickname Ironside when his father gives it to him after a fierce battle where no one could touch Bjorn.

Could Ubbe be the next Ironside?

Some Reddit users think Ubbe has become the new Ironside based on his fighting skills and technique. He’s also quiet and calculating, like his father before him. It’s possible he could be taking the place of Ironside based on the evidence.

“Is Ubbe the new Ironside? Bjorn received the title after no one was able to touch him on the battlefield. As I’ve rewatched the later seasons, I’ve realized that Ubbe has never taken a hit in any fight he’s had, other than the obvious duel with King Frodo,” the Reddit user began.

Ubbe’s other brothers have taken hits in battle and haven’t been as lucky in that regard as himself. “But other than his duel, I don’t think Ubbe has ever been knocked down or bested in combat, at least not on-screen. He might very well be the best fighter right now, as I think Bjorn is no longer in his prime,” the user finished.

Ubbe is ‘Ragnar 2.0’

One Reddit user thinks that Ubbe is more like Ragnar than the other sons. “No Ironside, but he is basically Ragnar 2.0. He fights almost just like him and is quick. Not to mention he can take a hell of a beating lol. He’s been my favorite son of Ragnar ever since he and Alfred teamed up,” a fan explained.

He’s the ‘MVP’ of season 5B

Another fan thinks Ubbe is the “MVP” of season 5B. “A lot of people have joined the Ubbe bandwagon during 5B. Even if it wasn’t meant to be his season he was low key the MVP. Everyone agrees his storyline was more engaging than Ivar and Bjorn and I think that was by design,” a fan of the series wrote.

1 fan doesn’t think Ubbe can ‘measure up to Bjorn’

Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Ludwig | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Tom Ford

However, not everyone seems to agree. One fan of the show doesn’t think Ubbe could “measure up” to Bjorn Ironside in the end. Bjorn was taught to fight both by his father and his uncle, Rollo (Clive Standen). He fought battles early on and learned a lot at a young age.

“All of Ragnar’s sons are good warriors but none of them, even Ubbe measure up to Bjorn,” a Reddit user explained. “You have to realize that Bjorn was taught to fight by Rollo as well as Ragnar and was way more battle hardened at a young age… None of Ragnar’s other sons were old enough to fight when he and Rollo were still around. Take that into account along with Bjorn’s size and Ubbe would not stand much of a chance against Bjorn.”

Many fans seem to think Ubbe could be the next Ironside, but not everyone agrees with that sentiment. Only time will tell how things play out for Ubbe on the hit series Vikings.