‘Vikings’ Fans React to Emotional Tributes for [SPOILER’S] Death

Fans of the hit History series Vikings are still shaking from the loss of a beloved favorite. With the loss of someone so great, there’s bound to be a few tributes here and there for the life they lived. Read on to learn how fans are reacting to these and who is no longer with us in the Viking world. There are spoilers ahead.

The loss of a legend

Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Katheryn Winnick, and Alexander Ludwig
Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Katheryn Winnick, and Alexander Ludwig | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for History Channel

Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), the most famous shield-maiden to ever live, died in a cruel way this week. After fighting the bandit leader and coming out on top despite serious wounds, she decides she’s going to ride off to Kattegat. When she gets there, she encounters Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), who is of course hallucinating. He stabs her to death and it’s a gut-wrenching moment.

The tributes are pouring in for Lagertha

Katheryn Winnick, the actress who has played Lagertha since the very beginning of the series, posted a sweet tribute to the most famous shield-maiden in the Vikings stories.

“Lagertha throughout the years. – Season 1 vs Season 6,” the post is captioned. Lagertha can be seen over the years when she was just a young woman and the wife of Ragnar to the wise grandmother she became.

Fans are getting emotional over the tribute and they clearly feel broken from the loss. “What transcends never dies. All hail queen Lagertha, forever ❤️,” an Instagram user wrote.

People loved Winnick’s portrayal of the shield-maiden Lagertha. “Great character and you played her so well. Big fan of your acting,” another Instagram user expressed.

The emotions are clearly still running high. “I cried today. I didn’t want to see that!” another user wrote in response.

Lagertha goes to Valhalla

The official Instagram for Vikings posted a sweet tribute video for the life Lagertha lived. The video shows her departure to Valhalla where she so rightly belongs. “Farewell, shieldmaiden ⚔️,” the post is captioned.

Fans were again getting emotional at the thought of Lagertha no longer being on the series. “We will miss u,” an Instagram user said.

“See you in Valhalla Lagertha goodbye your all time loved in my heart ❤️,” another user wrote.

More love for Winnick keeps coming in from broken fans. “Fantastic portrayal by Katheryn Winnick from start to finish. Irreplaceable,” another chimed in.

Lagertha was a farmer, an earl, and even a Queen

Reddit is also showing love for Lagertha and the tributes can certainly be found there as well. People clearly adored the fierce woman who became a Queen and fought her entire life. A recent post shows an image of a young Lagertha in the early days of the series.

“I love her!” a Reddit user wrote.

In another post on Reddit about the latest episode, people can’t stop talking about Lagertha’s fate. “That was sad. Awesome fight at the end for Lagertha. She was my favorite throughout the show,” another Reddit user wrote.

People loved Lagertha for who she was. “I always loved Lagertha. She had a great fight. A legend!” a user expressed as well.

These won’t be the last tributes for Lagertha’s life. She was a huge fan favorite and many are still in denial at the loss of the farmer turned Queen. She was unlike anyone else in the show and that’s why her following is so huge. However, there are a number of viewers who believed Lagertha overstayed her welcome on the series and that it was about time her story ended.

Whatever the opinion, Lagertha has gone to Valhalla and reunited with Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) at last.