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Some Vikings fans think they discovered a plot hole when it comes to the settlement in Wessex. In Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) time, his people established a settlement in Wessex to farm the land and hopefully thrive. Unfortunately, that’s not what ends up happening. Read on to learn what fans are saying.

Ragnar Lothbrok and King Ecbert make a deal for land in Wessex, but it doesn’t last

Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel | Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Ragnar and King Ecbert (Linus Roache) come up with a deal where the Viking people get rich land to farm in Wessex. Most of the other Vikings return home to Kattegat not to hear about what happened to the settlement until things are too late to change anything. A man from the settlement makes it back to Kattegat eventually to fill Ragnar in about what happened.

It turns out Ecbert sent his army to destroy the settlement and everyone else in it. Ragnar has the man killed so he can’t spread the news to anyone else. Many years later, the news is finally brought back home to Kattegat from England, but Ragnar has already vanished for a number of years. The rest of the people of Kattegat are more than a little upset that they had no idea what happened to their friends and relatives.

Did fans discover a plot hole involving the settlement in Wessex?

Some fans of the series on Reddit think they’ve found a plot hole in this whole scenario. How is it that no one else came to learn about the destroyed settlement over the years? Surely the word would have been brought back to Kattegat earlier than that? Vikings are raiding the shores of England by this time in greater numbers, so it makes sense some word would be brought back at some point.

“Wouldn’t, eventually, family and friends of the settlers grow concerned at the lack of news and send someone to investigate?” a Reddit user asked. “I know the journey is lengthy, but surely someone could have stopped at Wessex at some point during the raiding season to find out about the settlers.”

Other fans of the series have similar concerns. “I was wondering the same. Makes no sense. But there are some plot holes in the show, you just have to live with it,” another user explained.

“At some point you stop trying to make sense of inconsistencies and just file each error under ‘plot hole,’ another Reddit user agreed.

Not everyone seems to agree

One Reddit user thinks that it makes sense that they wouldn’t have learned about the settlement being destroyed because it was hard to communicate back then. People didn’t travel like they do now and information was scarce.

“Not understanding how the travel of information works in what they call the dark ages is not noticing a plot hole,” a fan wrote. “You have to understand most people back then spent their entire existence in their town/village they didn’t have airplanes, vacation cruises or cars even.”

Some fans find it hard to believe that news didn’t reach Kattegat for a number of years about the settlement being destroyed. It may be considered a plot hole to some, but not all fans agree.