‘Vikings’ Season 6, Episode 10: Fans React to ‘The Best Laid Plans’ Mid-Season Finale

The mid-season finale of Vikings left fans a little confused and shocked. Read on to learn a little bit about what happened and how fans are reacting. There are spoilers ahead for season 6, episode 10 of Vikings.

The battle between the Rus and the main characters was hard to follow

Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Ludwig | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Tom Ford

The battle that we’ve been waiting for all season finally came and it was a little confusing for viewers to follow. Multiple locations were highlighted as well as different times and settings. Things seemed to be really out of order and a conversation between Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) was cryptic to say the least.

“I’m sorry… Now I’m just getting annoyed. So much time jumping,” a Reddit user expressed.

The possible death of a legend

Did Ivar and Bjorn actually speak? It isn’t initially clear whether or not it was all a flashback or in one of their minds. They didn’t have time to talk before the battle itself. In the end, Ivar stabs Bjorn and it seems like he may actually be dead this time, though it isn’t entirely clear.

“Oh **** did Ivar really just kill Bjorn in the stomach from nowhere?” someone asked. “I didn’t even see him. He was standing on one crutch with just a sword in the midst of battle? What?!?”

Other fans think it was more of a symbolic thing that Ivar killed Bjorn and that it didn’t actually happen that way entirely.

“People it wasn’t actually Ivar that stabbed him,” a Reddit user explained. “It was a random and they just used Ivar to be symbolic because it was his army and more dramatic.”

Bjorn’s wives are dealing with a lot

Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars), Bjorn’s wife, loses their child and it’s seriously terrible to witness. She grieves for her child and she gives him a burial. “Poor Gunnhild…She lost her husband to another woman and now she lost her child,” someone expressed.

Gunnhild also fights in the huge battle with the Rus, and she even gets to slug Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) for her efforts. “Smart of Gunnhild to dive out of there. Oleg or Ivar would have gotten her,” a Reddit user said.

Harald (Peter Franzén) is now after Bjorn’s other wife, Ingrid (Lucy Martin). He just wants whatever Bjorn has and he assaults Ingrid in the episode before the battle. During the fighting, Harald is laying there dying on the beach and here comes Erik ready to scoop up his crown, which seems fitting.

“Why does Harald always want women that are taken?” a Reddit user asked. “Dude is king of all Norway, there has to be hundreds of thousands of single women that would line up for him.”

“He is annoying with his fixation on Bjorn’s girls. I know they are quite a lot, but still,” someone also commented.

A few other developments happened as well. Princess Katya (Alicia Agneson) definitely knows more than she’s been leading on. She ends up revealing to Ivar that she’s working with Dir. Fans will remember Ivar helped save Dir from Oleg.

The Rus seem to have won and taken over, leading to a lot of questions from fans about the future of the Vikings.