‘Vikings’ Season 6, Episode 9: ‘Resurrection’ Recap

This week’s episode of Vikings is called “Resurrection” and it certainly feels that way for one son of Ragnar. Read on to learn what happened. There are spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Vikings.

Georgia Hirst
Georgia Hirst | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images for HISTORY

Bjorn Ironside takes a second wife because one just isn’t enough

For some reason, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) has decided to take Gunnhild’s (Ragga Ragnars) advice and marry Ingrid (Lucy Martin). Bjorn couldn’t keep his hands off of her, so what was Gunnhild to do? Propose he marry another woman apparently. Bjorn goes right for it and it solves the problem he has with being faithful, at least for now.

Gunnhild is a tough, beautiful, and unique woman. She’s pretending she’s totally fine with the new arrangements, but it’s clear she’s hurt. A tear falls from her eyes when Bjorn leaves her for Ingrid. Who knows how this new situation will hold up long-term?

Erik and his men battle Rus warriors

Bjorn isn’t resting so easily back in Kattegat now that he lost the crown of Norway to Harald (Peter Franzén). He sends Erik (Eric Johnson) and others to keep watch on the territory’s borders. Of course, they encounter one of the raiding and scouting parties that Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) has sent out.

The two opposing sides fight it out, though neither of them seems to win the battle in question. It turns out that Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) was actually leading this particular group of Rus scouts in a weird twist of fate.

Ivar and Hvitserk are reunited again

Ivar and Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) have finally reunited once again. While Ivar was leading the scouting party, they stumbled on Hvitserk in a happy coincidence. Viewers will recall that Hvitserk was banished from Kattegat after he killed Bjorn’s mother, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), a respected shield-maiden.

The dynamic between Ivar and Hvitserk seems to be different. Ivar has clearly felt lonely since being apart from his brothers, and it’s probably really nice to see a familiar face. The pair go back to Kiev where Hvitserk brags about being the one to kill Lagertha. Ivar doesn’t openly react, but he’s caught off guard at the thought. Ivar wanted to be the one to take Lagertha’s life when she killed their mother.

Hvitserk meets Princess Katya

Hvitserk also meets Prince Oleg and his wife, Princess Katya (Alicia Agneson). Katya is a doppelganger for Ivar’s dead wife Freydis, and Hvitserk’s reaction gives viewers answers to the situation. He says he doesn’t see the resemblance at all when Ivar asks him about it. This means that Ivar has been seeing things, possibly because he feels guilty for killing his wife in the first place.

Bjorn seeks helps against the Rus

Bjorn knows he’s no match for the mighty Rus on his own. He sends Erik to ask Harald for assistance. At first Harald is going to have Erik killed, but King Olaf (Steven Berkoff) somehow gets Harald to see some sense. Erik is allowed to live and Harald says he will help Bjorn, but there’s a condition of course. Bjorn will have to come to Harald and leave Kattegat undefended if he really wants the help.

Torvi almost dies

Torvi (Georgia Hirst) and Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) are in Iceland, and it seems like the perfect time for her to give birth. The child won’t come out, but thankfully they are able to get the child out without having to cut Torvi. At first, it seems like a lost cause, but she makes it in the end.

The wanderer is revealed to be a Christian monk by the name of Athelstan who is hiding more than he actively lets on. He also speaks about a land to the west that he calls a “golden land.” Ubbe is originally going to have him killed, but Torvi doesn’t let Ubbe forget when they too were baptized into Christianity.

This week’s episode of Vikings held a lot of surprising developments for the main characters. It will be interesting to see how the first half of the final season of the show concludes.