‘Vikings’ Season 6: Fans Predict What’s Next for Hvitserk

Vikings fans have a lot of questions about what’s next for Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) after a shocking turn of events in the last few episodes. Read on to learn what fans predict will happen with Hvitserk next. There are spoilers ahead for season 6 of Vikings.

Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, writer/producer Michael Hirst, Travis Fimmel, and Clive Standen
Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, writer/producer Michael Hirst, Travis Fimmel, and Clive Standen | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for A+E Networks

Hvitserk takes a prominent life

Hvitserk kills Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) when she rides back to Kattegat wounded after fighting the bandit leader. Hvitserk hallucinates that she’s Ivar and a giant snake, so he stabs her repeatedly until she dies. Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), who is also Lagertha’s son, is furious and wants Hvitserk burned at the stake.

However, the time comes for Hvitserk to be killed and the pyre is lit up in flames. As the flames surround him, he looks up to the sky, ready to die. Bjorn then motions to Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) to throw an ax and cut Hvitserk free. He’s allowed to live, but he’s banished.

Hvitserk and Ivar will reunite

In a new promo for the upcoming episode, Hvitserk and Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) reunite in what could be Kiev or a raiding party, since Igor is also present. This could mean so many things for the remaining sons of Ragnar. Will Hvitserk team up with Ivar?

Fans have a lot of questions. Will Hvitserk forgive Ivar now for killing Thora? “I’m not too sure Hvitserk will hold a grudge against Ivar,” a Reddit user speculated. “He seems convinced it was all arranged by the gods and was part of his fate. We shall find out soon.”

Hvitserk thinks he did the right thing killing Lagertha

Another user recalled that Hvitserk believes he was fated to kill Lagertha and that he did the right thing in the end. “Well Hvitserk thinks it was his fate to kill Lagertha all along and that he fulfilled his true fate,” a Reddit user said.

How will Ivar and Hvitserk reunite?

A few fans believe Hvitserk could be found when the Rus are scouting Scandinavia and possibly by Ivar himself. They could team up against Bjorn.

“Ivar will be happy to see him. As we can see on the promo Ivar is again manipulating Hivtserk against his brothers, emphasizing that both Ubbe and Bjorn often underestimate the younger ones, which they kind of do,” another user said.

Hvitserk could still be destined for great things

One Reddit user thinks Hvitserk is destined for greatness even after everything that’s happened. There’s been multiple times when he is looked at as insignificant and a stain on the memory of Ragnar. It could all be part of his character arc to come full circle.

“Well he’ll go with the Rus to invade Scandinavia. I think Hirst has a plan for him and he is going to become a legendary Viking like Ragnar and Bjorn,” a Reddit user explained. “He already is legendary in some way but he becomes significant and famous. Bjorn called him insignificant and Hvitserk himself has said that he never made Ragnar proud so I guess that’s what Hirst plans to do with the character.”

Hopefully, fans will get some answers when it comes to what’s next for Hvitserk in the next episode of Vikings.