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The first half of the final season of Vikings is shaping up to be more than a little emotional. Episode 7 involves the funeral of a legend. Read on to learn about the one moment surrounding it that has fans talking. There are major spoilers ahead for season 6 of Vikings.

The death of a legend

Episode 6 held a death that’s been coming for a long time. Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), the fierce shield-maiden that went from a farmer to a queen finally met her end. After fighting the bandit leader and suffering serious wounds, Lagertha rides off to Kattegat to fill everyone in. However, she meets Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) and while he’s hallucinating, he kills her when he thinks she’s Ivar/a giant snake.

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Episode 7 involves the mourning preparations for Lagertha, the woman who inspired her people. Everyone says goodbye to her as she’s taken to Valhalla. The moment that Lagertha goes to Valhalla had some fans seriously crying in agony.

Lagertha goes to Valhalla

In the episode, Lagertha descends in the water towards the Valkyries. She lays to rest beside Ragnar for the last time. “In my dreams, we are always together,” Lagertha says as she settles next to Ragnar once again.

It’s a symbolic interpretation and fans were extremely emotional in the moment. “I’ll admit, the funeral scene and this moment finally got me a bit emotional,” a Reddit user admitted. “I didn’t feel her death in the last episode was the right send-off but this episode definitely was. It’s nice to think that her and Ragnar were reunited after all, even if Ragnar’s beliefs in Valhalla were diminished at the point of his death.”

Lagertha’s funeral left fans wrecked with emotion


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Some fans found the funeral for Lagertha more emotional than her actual death at the hands of Hvitserk. “For me when Hvitserk killed her it was more of a shock but the funeral was purely emotional,” a user explained.

Numerous people say they cried watching Lagertha go to Valhalla. “The whole episode made me cry. Next time I will not watch this at work,” a Reddit user hilarious admitted.

The scene really affected viewers

“Seeing Ragnar always makes me wanna cry, and then with this scene that was so beautifully executed, I just lost it,” another user admitted. “I feel like there’s quite a lot of hate towards the show lately, and I understand people’s opinions, but this show truly is one of the greatest and this scene is one of the reasons why.”

One fan considers the episode one of the best when it comes to the more recent seasons. “One of the best episodes of recent seasons. Tugged on the heartstrings,” the user wrote.

It almost seemed like Ragnar was waiting for Lagertha. “Awe, it’s like he waited for her.. (I know that sounds cheesy) but I love those two,” a Reddit user revealed.

Some viewers admitted to crying rather hard. “I couldn’t stop crying the last 20 minutes and that final scene just finished me off,” a user said.

“I didn’t cry for the entire funeral until that last bit… then the floodgates opened,” another chimed in.

Lagertha was a legend and her death seriously changed things up on Vikings. Her send-off was rewarding to watch and left many crying with emotion. We say goodbye to a warrior and queen that deserved such a lavish funeral.