‘Vikings’ Season 6: Was the Major Battle All in [SPOILER’S] Head? Fans Weigh In

The mid-season finale of Vikings left fans shocked and breathless. There was a major battle between the Rus and the Vikings of Scandinavia that’s been a long time coming. So what happened and could it all have been in one main character’s head? Read on to learn what fans think. There are spoilers ahead.

The Rus have come with a vengeance

The Rus invaded Scandinavia and didn’t hold back at all. Everything seemed lost and a major fan favorite might have died. Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) took a sword and stabbed Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig). There’s no way anyone could sustain a wound like that and live to tell about it.

Could the title of the episode reveal the answer?

Clive Standen, Georgia Hirst, Michael Hirst, Katheryn Winnick, Alex Hogh Andersen, and Alexander Ludwig
Clive Standen, Georgia Hirst, Michael Hirst, Katheryn Winnick, Alex Hogh Andersen, and Alexander Ludwig | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images for HISTORY

However, the way episode 10 was shot leads some fans to believe it might all just be in Bjorn’s head. The title of the episode itself, “The Best Laid Plans” might hold the answer according to one Reddit user.

“The title ‘The Best Laid Plans’ explains the entire episode, the Reddit user explained. “The reason it seemed like everyone was astral projecting everywhere is because the battle hasn’t even begun. What if most of the episode is Bjorn imagining different strategies and scenarios based on Ivar’s plans? He’s imagining different scenarios and needs to find the Best Laid Plan to defeat the Rus and protect his people and land.”

Bjorn Ironside could have been imagining the whole battle

Bjorn could have been imagining how things might go to find the best strategy to defeat the Rus. He’s thinking in his mind how things could play out. Other Reddit users seem to agree that it might not have all really happened, at least not yet.

“The title strongly suggests that this episode was just the planning for the battle and the actual battle hasn’t begun yet,” another Reddit user agreed.

Not all fans seem to agree about Bjorn’s fate

Other fans aren’t as convinced that it was just in Bjorn’s head. “You really think the show would waste all that budget on imaginary scenes?” a Reddit user asked. “Vikings doesn’t have the greatest of budgets and that’s why I believe what we saw was all real but the conversation on the beach. I’m still questioning if Ivar or a random Rus’ soldier hurt Bjorn but I do think he’s seriously injured.”

Fans are still trying to determine what actually happened in the mid-season finale. No one wants to believe the Bjorn could really be dead or even seriously wounded. He still has so much to do and to live for. It could have all been in Bjorn’s head based on the way it was filmed according to some fans, but not everyone agrees. Some really believe Bjorn is gone and things will never be the same in the Viking world without him.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Vikings returns for the final half of season 6 to learn the true fate of Bjorn Ironside.