‘Vikings’ Season 6: What’s Really Going on With Hvitserk?

Vikings season 6 has been an explosive season so far, but some fans are seriously worried about Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø). He’s been spiraling downward since last season and things have only gotten worse for him. So, why is he acting so different and what are fans saying? Read on to find out. There are spoilers ahead.

Hvitserk is struggling

Hvitserk is definitely dealing with both addiction and trauma and It’s truly sad to see him like this. He can’t let his brother Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and his evil ways go. A lot of it could be the loss of Thora at the hands of Ivar when Hvitserk was away. Now he’s just a shell of a broken man struggling with addiction problems.

Ubbe (Patrick Jordan Smith) attempts to appease the situation when left in charge of Kattegat. He offers Hvitserk a prestigious mission to trade along the Silk Road. Unfortunately, Hvitserk gives in to his addictions once again and Ubbe removes the mission from Hvitserk’s plate.

What’s happening to Hvitserk?

Hvitserk is clearly suffering PTSD after everything he’s been through, especially at the hands of his brother Ivar. He can’t seem to get a grip on things and it’s truly depressing to see a son of Ragnar struggling the way he is. Viewers will recall that Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) also suffered addiction problems at one point.

What fans are saying about Hvitserk

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Things are seriously messed up for Hvitserk right now. He’s paranoid and heartbroken and it’s understandable that he’s struggling. He’s clearly depressed and still trying to grapple with inner demons.

“Hvitserk has questioned what his fate really is for years. He’s scared for not killing Ivar and now is worried Ivar will come for him,” a Reddit user pointed out. “To add to that, his girl was burned alive by the brother he thinks he’s fated to kill.”

Others don’t seem to understand why Hvitserk is struggling so much when he is a Viking who witnessed his own brother kill his other brother right in front of him.

“Not very ‘Viking’ for him to have a complete nervous breakdown because his girlfriend got iced, is it, seeing as how warriors die on the battlefield in front of him all the time……….his brother took an axe at the dinner table not 5 feet from him,” another user pointed out.

He’s dealing with PTSD

Hvitserk is dealing with PTSD and a lot of trauma. Some fans think the show is just taking a different direction when it comes to his character arc. “He’s suffering from PTSD and I believe withdrawals from drinking,” someone else observed. “It really wasn’t a well-known thing back then and he just comes off as crazy. I agree it’s a bit odd to see considering Vikings are used to battle, death of loved ones, etc., but I think the show just decided to take a different turn and perhaps finally shed light onto Hvitserk.”

Fans are hoping to see Hvitserk recover soon and rejoin the living so to speak. Many people still consider him a major favorite on the series and no one wants Hvitserk to end the series in such a state.

Michael Hirst, Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgard, and Alex Hogh Andersen
Michael Hirst, Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, Gustaf Skarsgard, and Alex Hogh Andersen | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for HISTORY

Hvitserk still has so much to live for and he’s surrounded by people who care about him. It’s only right that he gets to redeem himself in the eyes of those around him before it’s all over.