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Vikings season 6 introduced fans to a new character by the name of Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky). Oleg is more than a ruthless leader. Fans really liked Oleg at first, but many feel the whole thing is getting a little old. Read on to learn what some viewers are saying. There are spoilers ahead for Vikings season 6.

Ivar the Boneless meets Prince Oleg

Danila Kozlovsky
Danila Kozlovsky,| Sergei Fadeichev/TASS via Getty Images

Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) gets taken to meet Prince Oleg while he is traveling along the Silk Road to escape his brothers. The ruthlessness of Oleg knows no bounds and he even kills his brother in front of a shaken Ivar.

‘The Prophet’

Oleg is known as the Prophet and he explains to Ivar how he got his famous nickname. There was a power struggle and at the time, Oleg was going to attend a feast. On the night before, he dreamed of a warning of the wine being poisoned. Oleg still went to the feast, but didn’t drink any of the wine. His friends did however, and they died. He was then known as the Prophet and respected more for it.

Oleg was a huge hit with fans, at first

Some viewers feel the whole thing is getting a little old. They’re ready to see some more action or just something more from Prince Oleg in general. “I mean, we got it, he’s a crazy manipulative guy, who wants to outsmart Ivar and to rule instead of Igor. Like, we got it 3-4 episodes ago,” a Reddit user wrote.

Prince Oleg vs. King Ecbert

The same fan continued and even went so far as to compare King Ecbert of Wessex (Linus Roache) to Prince Oleg. If Oleg wasn’t so worried about being maliciously cruel, he might find himself relating to Ivar more. He’s coming off as a straight up villain and fans aren’t really here for it.

“I mean, compare depth of Ecbert’s character and Oleg’s,” the user continued. “They could make Oleg an amazing antagonist, to whom Ivar maybe could even relate (like Ragnar did to Ecbert) but after he invades he needs/forced to kill him. Instead of it they just make him a plain villain who treats poor Igor and Ivar like ****.”

Oleg started off strong, now he’s just cruel

One fan thinks that the whole storyline with Oleg has grown boring and maybe even a little stale. Some even think Oleg might die this season the way things are currently going with his cruelty.

“Yep he started off very strong in the first three episodes but he kinda became boring and I’m pretty sure he will die this season,” another Reddit user theorized. “Such a shame since he became one of my favourites in just 2 episodes.”

Prince Oleg’s story isn’t over yet

Another Reddit user thinks that the first couple episodes were heavily focused on Oleg because the series was still developing his character, which includes what drives and motivates him. They even think the last two episodes of the first half of season 6 will show a lot more of him specifically.

“Oleg got most of his development in the first three/four episodes because he needed it,” the user said. “They established what kind of person he is, what his motivations are and how crazy he can actually get. With Oleg, just expect to see him a lot more because these last two will focus on him and his plans for Scandinavia quite a bit.”

Fans still have mixed feelings about Oleg, but some hope to see more character development from him before this half of season 6 is over with. Hopefully, Vikings fans will see more of Oleg’s true motivation soon.