‘Vikings’ Season 6: Why Ivar’s Biggest Regret Involves Lagertha

Vikings season 6 left fans breathless and ready for season 6B already. A major development happened that definitely changed things for Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen). Read on to learn why his biggest regret involves Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). There are spoilers ahead for the latest season of Vikings.

Ivar the Boneless makes a promise

Alex Høgh Andersen
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Ivar makes a promise that he’d kill Lagertha after she kills his mother, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). It’s something that’s been a driving force behind him for a long time now. He thinks his duty is to kill Lagertha for what she did and it’s something he can’t let go of. Ivar tries on multiple occasions to take Lagertha out, though his attempts lead nowhere really.

Although Ivar eventually takes over Kattegat, he doesn’t manage to kill Lagertha. Getting back at her for taking away his mother was one of the most important things to Ivar. When he learns of Lagertha’s fate, he tries not to show his utter shock and disappointment at not being the one to kill her.

Hvitserk kills Lagertha and tells Ivar about it

Unfortunately for Ivar, his brother Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) is the one to kill Lagertha. Hvitserk is left a shell of the man he was when Ivar runs from Kattegat for his life. Hvitserk lost Thora, his girl, at the hands of Ivar. He starts using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, which has a direct impact on Lagertha’s death.

Lagertha travels back to Kattegat after fighting a great battle with the bandits. She is wounded and falls off her horse and is struggling to make it, when Hvitserk sees her and imagines her as Ivar and a giant snake. He stabs Lagertha to death and successfully fulfills the prophecy that a son of Ragnar would kill her.

For some reason, Lagertha’s son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) allows Hvitserk to go free instead of having him killed. He eventually finds his way to Ivar again and he tells him that he was the one to kill Lagertha. Ivar is clearly shocked, but he tries to hold it all together in front of Hvitserk.

Why not killing Lagertha is Ivar’s biggest regret

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Ivar was extremely attached and close to his mother. Her loss hit him harder than even his father’s. Ivar and his brothers were able to avenge their father with the Great Heathen Army, but there was nothing he could do to save his mother except to kill Lagertha. By failing to do that, Ivar is at a loss of what to do or how to react to the news of her death, as is evident when Hvitserk tells him what happened.

Ivar can at least rest easy that his brother was the one to kill Lagertha. Ivar will now have to find a new mortal enemy, which he may have found in Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky). We’ll have to wait and see how everything plays out when the final episodes of Vikings return.