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Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) has every cause in the world to be angry and resent his father, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), on the hit series Vikings. Ragnar left Ivar out in the woods to be killed when he was an infant, but luckily his mother found him just in time and saved him. That fact alone, which was never kept from Ivar, would be enough for anyone to at least dislike their father, but not Ivar. Read on to learn why.

A fan questions why Ivar cares for his father so much

Alex Høgh Andersen
Alex Høgh Andersen | Phillip Massey/Getty Images

Recently on Reddit, a fan of the series had a question regarding why Ivar cares about his father so much after everything that’s happened.

“Why does Ivar care about his father so much? He got so much less time with Ragnar than his brothers, knows Ragnar resented him as a kid, and even knows Ragnar wanted him dead,” the Reddit user questioned.

Ivar ‘respected the legend of Ragnar’

A few fans decided to weigh in with their own opinions on the situation. Before Ragnar returns from years away from his family, his sons, now grown, talk about their father. Ivar admits that he admires his father, but he doesn’t love him. “I said I admire him; he’s Viking,” Ivar tells his brothers.

“I think Ivar more greatly respected the legend of Ragnar and admired him,” a Reddit user explained. “He also made it clear it wasn’t that he ‘loved’ Ragnar but he admired him as a Viking and what he accomplished and Ivar was proud to be a son of the great Ragnar which is why it made him mad whenever his brothers had negative things to say about him.”

Ivar grows to love his father eventually because of the legend he is

The same Reddit user thinks Ivar did eventually grow to love his father once they made things right between them. He couldn’t help but care for his father because of the larger than life legend he is. The two travel to England together, and his father never returns. It gives Ivar even more of a reason to love the legend and the fact that he’s a part of it all.

“In the end I think Ivar did eventually grow to love him after their trip to England but it did not start out that way it was more admiration of the legend rather than love of his father,” the person finished.

Why Ivar cares so much for his father

Ragnar was the greatest Viking of their world. Ivar, as a son of Ragnar, felt drawn to the legend and to be like his father. He wants to be larger than life as well, which is what drives him to proclaim himself a god.

“I always saw it as Ivar idolized him. Ragnar was the greatest Viking to ever live at that point. Ivar wanted to be exactly like that, which is why…he never just gave up,” another Reddit user explained.

Ivar learned from his father what hard work and determination can get you. “And it came from a burning need to prove himself. What better example than a farmer who became a king and then a legend amongst his people,” another fan wrote.

Ivar the Boneless cared for his father even when he had no reason to. He respected the man and his legend, but he eventually grew to love him as well.