‘Vikings’: Why Ubbe Really Gets Along With Lagertha so Well After Everything That’s Happened

Things have happened on the hit series Vikings that have really shocked viewers to the core. One moment involves Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) getting her ultimate revenge on Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland), Ubbe’s (Patrick Jordan Smith) mother. So how do Ubbe and Lagertha get along so well after what’s happened? Read on to find out. There are spoilers ahead.

Lagertha kills Queen Aslaug and takes Kattegat back

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

A huge moment in Vikings is when Lagertha finally retakes Kattegat back from Aslaug. It was a long time coming and Lagertha never truly forgave Aslaug for taking her husband and everything she had ever known. After a lot of planning, Lagertha takes back her home.

She allows Aslaug to turn her back to leave, but she doesn’t get too far. Lagertha shoots her with an arrow and Aslaug smiles as she falls to her death. She could have killed Aslaug’s sons as well, but she wouldn’t do that for the love she has for her first husband, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

Ubbe changes his tune

Lagertha takes back her throne, but she is forced to deal with the wrath of Aslaug’s sons by Ragnar. Ubbe is extremely heated at first and wants revenge, but eventually he gets over it. Most likely, he knows that killing Lagertha would mean facing Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig), his brother and Lagertha’s son. Rather than face defeat, Ubbe assimilates into the new way of life.

He warms to Lagertha even more when he gets with Torvi (Georgia Hirst), who has always been close with her. Ubbe is an extremely practical person. He knows that Lagertha could have chosen to kill him and his brothers as well, but she didn’t. She let them live and eventually, Ubbe and Lagertha form a strong bond.

How do fans feel about Ubbe being friendly with Lagertha?

Some fans don’t seem to understand the dynamic between Ubbe and Lagertha. People are conflicted about the scenario. Some fans think less of Ubbe now than they once did since he’s gotten closer to Lagertha.

“Ubbe is a gutless spineless piece of **** for knocking up the woman that aided in his mother’s death and becoming best friends with his mother’s killer,” a Reddit user said.

Lagertha is a mother figure to Ubbe

Some fans understand that Ubbe sees something positive about Lagertha. He might view her as the mother he never felt he really had in Aslaug. “Ubbe sees Lagertha as more of a mother figure than Aslaug, clearly,” another user pointed out.

Why is Ubbe so close with his mother’s murderer?

Other fans will never understand how Ubbe got over his mother’s murder so easily. Why is he so friendly with Lagertha after what she did to Aslaug? “I cannot get over how he has no problem with her when in 4B he was pretty **** passionate about killing her,” a Reddit user recalled. “I could believe him just leaving her be, as he clearly has no problem with forgiving people, but to suddenly be getting cozy and all smiley with her.”

Aslaug wasn’t the greatest mother and she neglected her sons

A Reddit user brought up an excellent point about Aslaug as a mother. She didn’t seem to have the urge to mother her children, except for Ivar. She started to neglect them and even dreamed of ruling Kattegat alone without Ragnar. She was ambitious and cared more for power than her children.

“Aslaug didn’t love her children, besides Ivar, any longer…..by the time Ivar was born,” someone noted. “She became neglectful, bitter and nasty…….and even wished for Ragnar’s death and dreamed about taking over Kattegat, which she was asking the Seer about before Ragnar even croaked, if you remember. So, other than Ivar, the sons didn’t have a real relationship with her……so it was far easier for him to make an alliance with Lagertha, who had reasons for what she did, whether he agreed with them specifically or not.”

Whatever the reasoning, Ubbe now shares a special friendship with Lagertha in the final season of Vikings.