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Vince Vaughn is known around the world as being one of the most talented actors of our time. His natural charisma and light-hearted personality have always made him the perfect actor to star in a wide range of comedy films. Even when he has taken on more serious roles, his subtle comedic charm always finds a way to take center stage which helps to add a new dimension to his characters.

While Vaughn is most known for his funny on-screen antics, he has also been known to be a prankster in real life as well. In fact, he even managed to trick the employees at Disneyland on several occasions.

Vince Vaughn photographed attending a college football game
Vince Vaughn | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

An impressive career by any measure

Vince Vaughn started his acting career in the late ’80s, according to IMDb. At first, he was able to land roles in a few commercials, and he also made minor TV appearances. By the mid-’90s, however, he was starring in several big-budget movies.

When he first tvinstarted starring in movies, he was cast to play serious roles. He was featured in movies like Rudy, Return to Paradise, and Domestic Disturbance.

By 2003, Vaughn’s career skyrocketed after he started primarily starring in comedy films. He was soon winning awards for his work in movies like Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up, and Couples Retreat. 

Vince Vaughn hasn’t always been honest

Vaughn might be an A-list actor today that can pretty much have anything he wants. However, that certainly wasn’t always the case. He recently appeared on Justin Long’s podcast, Life is Short, and talked about how he would have to sometimes be extremely deceptive in order to get certain things in life.

For instance, he talked about how he would sneak alcohol out of a grocery store when he was just 18 years old. He didn’t always steal the alcoholic beverages though. Sometimes, he would wait outside of the store and pay an older customer to go inside and buy beer and other alcoholic drinks for him.

He also talked about how he would trick Disneyland into giving him free passes to the theme park. He told Long that he used to call Disneyland and pretend to be the assistant of Matt Casella, the casting director for Disney.

“I would call up and say, ‘Yes, I’m an assistant for Matt Casella, the Disney casting director. We have a bunch of young actors shooting a movie. We want them to have time to bond with each other. We want to come to the park,'” Vaughn said.

He would then give the Disney employees a fake name, and when the employee told Vaughn that they had never heard of him, he would do his best to convince them he actually was Casella’s assistant.

When the employee would ask which actors were planning on coming to the park, Vaughn would think of the most popular actors at that time and give them names like C. Thomas Howell and Tom Cruise.

Disney would then prepare tickets for Tom Cruise to pick up at the gate, and Vaughn would call them back at the last minute ask them to put the tickets under his own name.

Vaughn thought of this as a game and enjoyed the rush of adrenaline that he would get every time he went to pick up the tickets. And in the end, he and his friends got to enjoy a free day at Disneyland.

Vince Vaughn is a more honest person today


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Vaughn told Long that as an adult, he can’t believe that he used to deceive people to get free stuff. “Looking back as you get older, you go, “God, that’s terrible,” Vaughn said during the podcast.

Because of his fame, he can probably get into any theme park he wants just by using his own name. But Vaughn seems to be a much more honest person now, and even if he wasn’t a famous celebrity, he probably wouldn’t lie to get a free day at Disneyland anymore.