Vincent D’Onofrio Needs to Bring Kingpin Back Into the MCU

Although Marvel’s TV shows have been pretty hit or miss, there are certain aspects about those shows that fans generally agree on. For example, fans generally think that Daredevil was a great show that had some of the best fight scenes in Marvel Cinematic Universe history.

There were many other reasons why fans loved the show though, and one of those reasons was because, generally speaking, Marvel chose the perfect actors for almost every role.

Obviously, Charlie Cox’s performance as Daredevil was great, but so was Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance as the villain, Kingpin. Here’s a look at why Marvel fans want his Kingpin to make a comeback in the MCU.

A recap of Kingpin’s role in ‘Daredevil’

Vincent D'Onofrio
Vincent D’Onofrio | David Livingston/Getty Images

The show is set in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood in New York City, and it’s ultimately about how Matt Murdock, the real name of Daredevil, becomes a superhero despite being blind. As a result, the show had a far more grounded approach to superheroes, since Daredevil’s superpower isn’t that impressive compared to the rest of the MCU.

Daredevil can hear really good, and that allows him to do things such as hear when someone’s lying.

In any case, since the show was grounded, the villain had to be grounded, too. Wilson Fisk, the real name of Kingpin, was basically just a really smart criminal. He had a gang who’d do his crimes for him, but sometimes, he got down and dirty, too. However, Daredevil eventually caught Fisk, and Fisk ended up in prison.

But, since he’s such a smart criminal, he was still able to run his gang from behind bars. He’d get out of prison eventually, but of course, Daredevil eventually caught him again. Netflix canceled the show in season three, and Fisk ended the show back in prison. 

Why Vincent D’Onofrio’s performance was great

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Compared to most supervillains, Kingpin is a kind of boring character, since he’s just a mob boss. However, the show managed to make Kingpin more interesting by making everything more realistic than most comic book movies were at the time. Additionally, like fans on Reddit said, D’Onofrio’s performance was simply “incredible.”

Not only did he put on a great performance in terms of his physical acting, but his dramatic scenes were impressive, too. D’Onofrio delivered his lines with a lot of gravitas, which was a unique thing for comic book supervillains to do at the time.

As a result, while many Marvel fans are sad about Netflix canceling the shows, the fans want to see D’Onofrio’s Kingpin make a comeback on the big screen. This isn’t actually far-fetched, either. 

How Vincent D’Onofrio can bring Kingpin back into the MCU

There are, of course, a lot of legal hurdles involved since Netflix does have some control over the MCU characters that it used for those shows. However, assuming Marvel clears those hurdles, it’s not impossible for Marvel to hire D’Onofrio to reprise his role as Kingpin. 

Marvel’s done this before, too. For example, JK Simmons played J. Jonah Jameson in the first Spider-Man trilogy, and fans absolutely loved his performance. But Sony rebooted the Spider-Man franchise, and Simmons was nowhere to be seen.

However, when Marvel started working with Sony on the Spider-Man movies, Simmons finally reprised his role in Spider-Man: Far From Home

And, like Marvel fans on Reddit said, Kingpin, in the comics, happens to be a Spider-Man villain, too. They both operate out of New York City, so it would make sense that the two would run into each other.

But of course, in order for Marvel to use Kingpin as a villain, Marvel would have to clear those legal hurdles first, which may be a tough task.