Vincent Herbert Is Not Part of Tamar Braxton’s Reality Show Because of David Adefeso

More is being exposed about the issues between Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso now that her We TV spinoff is airing. Rumors about Adefeso’s alleged controlling behavior have been circulating for months and fans are getting an inside look into how Adefeso prefers for Braxton to communicate with her ex, Vincent Herbert

Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton
Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton | David Livingston/Getty Images

Adefeso makes it clear during the show that he is no fan of Braxton having Herbert around with his knowledge or permission. Sources now claim the reason Herbert is not featured on the show is because of Adefeso.

David Adefeso confronts Tamar Braxton about having Vincent Herbert in their home without his knowledge

During episode 2 of Get Ya Life, Herbert stops by Braxton’s home to drop off their son. He does not appear on camera but a playful conversation he has with Braxton is recorded. 

A production note appears on-screen explaining that Adefeso refuses to be part of the show if Herbert films. In his confessional, Adefeso explains that he does not like Herbert being present in Braxton’s home without his knowledge or permission. He defends his feelings despite he and Braxton owning separate homes.

Source: YouTube

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“Tamar’s house? Oh it’s my house, I live there,” Adefeso says. “I have my clothes there. Tamar and I kind of share. Her house is my house. She spends four days at my house and I spend three days at her house. We have two homes that we share.”

In a later scene, Adefeso sits down with Braxton to double down on his beliefs. Braxton prefers to stay out of any drama between Adefeso and Herbert.

David Adefeso refuses to participate on Tamar Braxton’s show if Vincent Herbert films

A source verifies production’s note that Adefeso refuses to participate on the show if Herbert is part of the filming process. The Jasmine Brand reports that Braxton believes it’s important to show that she and Herbert are cordial despite divorcing. 

The source says Adefeso gave Braxton an ultimatium and she ultimately chose to have Herbert not film. 

Source: YouTube

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“David shut it down,” the source says. “He didn’t want Vincent on the show at all. It’s almost like he was jealous and wanted to give the false impression that Vince was not around. He wanted it to look like he, Tamar and Logan were a happy family without Vince. Not true at all and it actually plays out on camera.”

The source also alleges that Adefeso is controlling over who Braxton associates with and that he’s pushed a lot of her close friends and family out of her life.

David Adefeso previously bragged about having a good relationship with Vincent Herbert

Adefeso’s issues with Herbert are odd considering that he previously boasted on his social media page that he and Herbert have a good relationship.

In a January 2020 post, Adefeso shared an image of him smiling alongside Herbert. In the post’s caption, Adefeso said that he and Herbert hang out weekly.

Braxton reposted the image, highlighting that there was no drama between her ex and Adefeso. In the since-deleted post, she wrote that her life is filled with “love, joy, and blessings.”

In the aftermath of Braxton and Adefeso’s breakup, leaked text messages that are allegedly between Adefeso and Herbert show Herbert condemning Adefeso for his treatment of Braxton. Herbert makes it clear that he does not want Adefeso to be part of Braxton’s life.