Was Amanda Batula From ‘Summer House’ Upset About Being Unfollowed on Instagram by Cast Members?

Summer House season three burst onto Monday night with the same amount of sweet summer drama delivered in previous seasons. There were rumors of cheating, a 17 page email and (gasp) unfollowing on Instagram.

Since the show last left off, Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera became thick as thieves. The BFF alliance forged together, especially as the two tried to throw their “OG” weight around the house, despite this being Olivera’s second season on the show.

Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera |Getty Images

Their entrance into the home also created significant tension when it came to house couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. Apparently, the ladies were on the outs with the couple and dissed Cooke and Batula’s welcome dinner at home from the beginning. So what gives and is Batula really upset that the ladies stopped following her on Instagram?

This was one reason for the weirdness

The air had an aroma of cringe the minute Hubbard and Olivera got to the house. Batula was clearly nervous before their arrival and they (conveniently) arrived later in the evening.

Batula was cooking away in the kitchen, slicing and dicing, but Hubbard and Olivera had other plans. They told the crew they were dining out and who wanted to join them? Of course that put everyone in an awkward position, especially the new cast members who were probably not sure what in the world was happening.

Carl Radke, a cast member and “reformed” player, just arrived and tension was building around what he would do–dinner in or out. He chose out, so he along with new cast member Hannah Berner left with the ladies. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast, including new members, Paige DeSorbo and Jordan Verroi have an awkward (civilized) dinner at home. “I mean I would have rather been out to that dinner too and not cooking! Was under the impression we were having a family dinner so I bought groceries and offered to cook,” Batula tweeted during the episode.

And of course there was this

Hanging over half of the cast was this infamous 17-page email Cooke sent during the year. Cooke said the entire cast iced he and Batula out since the season 2 reunion and felt he needed to clear the air. “I felt like I got, you know, kinda stabbed in the back,” he told ET. “And I felt like we were owed an apology.”

Radke, Olivera and Hubbard were the remaining cast members who received the email. According to ET, former cast members Stephen McGee and Lauren Wirkus were also recipients. During the episode Cooke hilariously tweeted, “The rough draft was an easy 20+ pages.”

Aside from being extremely long, the email lashed out at how cast members treated Batula. During the episode Cooke used examples of how the women iced Batula out, by cutting her from group photos and not tagging her.

The dreaded ‘unfollow’ on Instagram

Knowing who follows who is a big thing in Bravo-land. One of the sticking points for Cooke and Batula is knowing that Hubbard and Olivera unfollowed Batula on Instagram.

The women assert they unfollowed Batula because they learned that Cooke cheated on Batula. Batula seemed upset the women unfollowed her but she tweeted about how she really felt. “It wasn’t about IG at all. That was just the fastest simplest way to explain the tension without getting into what went down all fall winter and spring. We’d need a separate series for that #SummerHouse.”

Looks like everything worked out in Instagram world. Both Hubbard and Olivera now follow Batula once again.

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