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Drake has been notoriously single for a while. Of course, he’s been rumored to be with a number of people in the past from Rihanna to Tyra Banks and Serena Williams, but the rapper rarely ever sticks with one woman long enough for the relationship to get serious.

Drake | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Lately, rumors have been spreading that Drake and Kylie Jenner have been interested in one another. On the surface, Jenner seems to be a major departure from Drake’s usual type. But in a recent interview, the rapper described his perfect girl, which actually sounded a lot like Jenner.

Who is Drake’s ideal girl?

In an interview on the Rap Radar podcast, Drake revealed what it would take for him to settle down.

“I love my space, I love my work, and I love my routine,” he said. “And for me to break that for somebody, it would just have to be a really special person that fits into that puzzle, and that is supportive of the things I’m doing. Have to be somebody that has taste in music. It’d have to be somebody that I get along with so much to the point that when we’re separate, I’m feeling like I can’t function properly without their presence.”

The rapper knows that these sorts of women exist because he’s met a few before.

“I have come across it a few times, I’ve yet to be able to hold onto it, for whatever reason,” he said. “I’m the captain of a ship, and I look behind me and I see a lot of people on board. Full steam ahead. That’s just how I have to keep rocking for right now. Hopefully I can find somebody that can just stand beside me at the wheel and help me steer while we keep the journey going as opposed to me having to pull over because that person is getting seasick.”

Rumors of Kylie Jenner and Drake dating

Rumors first started swirling that Jenner and Drake were into one another when they were spotted spending a lot of time together at Drake’s 33rd birthday party.

“She spent the most time near Drake and his friends,” a source told Us Weekly of Jenner. “Kylie was rapping to songs and dancing with her friends while she was next to Drake, but they weren’t dancing together. They seemed to have a connection though.”

After the party, the two reportedly decided to keep things casual between them.

“Drake has always had a thing for Kylie and it’s mutual,” a source told the outlet. “They hang out here and there and have been more recently than in the past because Kylie is technically single right now and the two of them live so close to each other.”

Was Drake talking about Kylie Jenner?

When Drake talked about his perfect woman, he basically described a person who has their own hobbies and things that they are working on. He wants someone who understands his work ethic and won’t interfere with him getting things done. As a billionaire mogul herself, Jenner fits the mold of exactly what Drake wants.