Was This the Most Uncomfortable Sex Discussion in ’90 Day Fiancé’ History?

90 Day Fiancé has seen more than its fair share of incredibly uncomfortable moments. Fans across the nation stay committed to the show partially for that reason alone. The drama generated by the couples on the show is captivating. However, there was one moment that really stuck out to fans and cast members alike as being pretty uncomfortable. We’re talking about Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Jbali dishing on their sex life.

Danielle Jbali threw an actual book at Mohamed Jbali

Danielle Jbali and Mohamed Jbali had a very tumultuous marriage. Danielle Jbali seemed unable to hold down a job and had no money, and lied about this issue to Mohamed Jbali. It seems there were times when she could not even pay the bills for utilities. 

Meanwhile, fans felt as if Mohamed Jbali was simply using Danielle to gain citizenship in the United States. Eventually, things came to a head between the couple, and Mohamed fled to Miami two months after receiving his green card.

Danielle followed Mohamed to Miami, and confronted him there with a binder full of legal notes that she literally hurled at him. Danielle told him, “You told me what I wanted to hear to get me to pull that annulment! I am going to guarantee I will get your f*cking a** deported! You’re a f*cking user!”

The uncomfortable sex talk

During the 90 Day Fiancé tell-all episode featuring Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Jbali, the moderator asked Mohamed if he could discuss in-depth why he and Danielle stopped having sex. 

She started out by saying, “When we saw the scene of you two at the wedding, you said that you could not kiss her. Have you guys ever kissed before that?”

Mohamed confirmed that they had. She then asked, “Were you intimate before that?” Mohamed confirmed that as well.

“Was there any intimacy after the wedding at all?” she asked. Mohamed said they did get intimate after the wedding at first. However, apparently, there was an issue. 

Mohamed said, “We started facing a problem. … I don’t want to say like, this is very private. And instead of taking care of that problem she was like, fighting with me over it. This is something that no man in the world can accept that. And then she was like, sitting on the floor crying, screaming in front of her teenagers, ‘I want my sex tonight! If you don’t give me my sex tonight I will call immigration and I will get you deported.’”

Meanwhile, cast members are scene shocked and uncomfortable off-screen. Danielle then spoke up, saying, “He has told people that I smell, and that I peed on him.”

“Ok, this person here, she has some stuff that I don’t like,” said Mohamed Jbali. The host then cut him off, saying she didn’t want to know any more information.

Fan reactions 

Mohamed Jbali
Mohamed Jbali | mohamedjbaliusa via Instagram

Fans seemed shocked but also in Mohamed Jbali’s corner. Many of them pointed out how frustrated they were with the moderator for asking such a personal question, and then saying she didn’t want more info. 

One user wrote, “Then don’t f*cking ask a personal question, be told that it’s a private matter, and then insist on him explaining. Lol. What.”

Another added, “I need a host that wants to know the details, ma’am you are fired.”

One YouTuber commented that they felt bad for Mohamed, who doesn’t speak English as a native language. “I feel bad for him because he really wants to try and defend himself but can’t do it well since English isn’t his native language so it’s a struggle,” they wrote.