How to Watch ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6

Can you believe it’s been almost two years since we last saw Saul Goodman and the others on Better Call Saul? That feels like forever in this era of television, but the wait is almost over.

This is the final season too, which means that viewers will not only see the rest of Saul Goodman’s transformation but also what happens to him after the events in Breaking Bad. Planning on checking it out? Here’s how to watch Better Call Saul Season 6.

Bob Odenkirk attends the Season 2 premiere of 'Better Call Saul'
Bob Odenkirk attends the Season 2 premiere of ‘Better Call Saul’ | Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

‘Better Call Saul’ to return in 2022 for its sixth and final season

Better Call Saul Season 6 is a two-part event. The first half starts on April 18 and consists of seven episodes. The second half has six episodes and will start to roll them out on July 11. Viewers can find the show on cable on AMC and on its streaming service, AMC Plus.

The network renewed the show back in January of 2020, but it was a struggle to bring it back to the air due in part to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Fortunately, filming was able to begin in March of 2021, concluding the following February. Words like “devastating” and “amazing” have all been used to describe this season.

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Where is Saul at the start of ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6?

The premiere date comes almost two years since the show’s latest episode. In it, Kim Wexler and Saul Goodman fled their home in fear for their lives after a confrontation with Lalo Salamanca. At a hotel, Kim came up with a plan that would get them money from the Sandpiper Crossing settlement, but would affect Howard Hamlin. Saul tried to talk Kim out of it by pointing out how out of character it seemed, but Kim just shot finger guns at him.

The trailer for Better Call Saul Season 6 shows some of what happens after that moment. It seems Kim and Saul have decided to go ahead and move forward with the con. But Howard also has something up his sleeve — a lawsuit against Saul, presumably for his past attacks on him.

Unfortunately, there’s no sight of Saul as Gene Takovic, the man he becomes after fleeing New Mexico. But Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) has promised more appearances by him.

“You’re going to see a lot of insanity, as the wheels come off the cart,” he added to The Wrap.

When the show left him, Gene was seriously considering another extraction after a cabbie, Jeff, recognized him. Ultimately, he decided he would rather handle it himself than run again.

“I think Gene is reading between the lines and he knows that this is not the end of the story. This is not going to be the last time he encounters this character,” show co-creator Peter Gould teased to Entertainment Weekly.

What about the other characters?

The trailer also gives a glimpse of the aftermath of the failed hit on Lalo Salamanca. Lalo was set up in the Better Call Saul Season 5 finale by Gus Fring and Nacho Varga, but wound up surviving the attack. Now, after faking his death, it looks like he’s coming after Nacho. Nacho can be seen running for his life in the trailer as Lalo goes to meet with a mystery man. Watch the trailer above.

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