‘Watch What Crappens’ Hits the Virtual Road With Live ‘RHOSLC’ Show

Although their upcoming show is going to be “very 2020” the comedy team from the Watch What Crappens podcast promises the same fun and hilarity fans know from their live Bravo-inspired shows.

Watch What Crappens
‘Watch What Crappens’ | Photo credit Alys Kenny

Hosts Ronnie Karam and Ben Mandelker announced a special live show following the premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The team shared that RHOSLC is the first new series from the franchise in nearly five years. “And so is our morning after take on this slick new premiere, so get ready for some big surprises,” Karam shared in a release.

“Well, the wait is over!” Mandelker added. “Although we’ve had to retool slightly because of the situation, this is what live shows in 2020 now look like, and we’re excited to jump into it!”

Fans can still get the same feel and fun from a live show

Mandelker told Showbiz Cheat Sheet the delivery will be as gut-busting as their traditional live shows, despite the COVID-19 friendly forum.

“The virtual live show is going to be very 2020:  as in, we’ll be on our mics with headphones on, broadcasting from our glamorous homes,” he joked.

“Viewers can look forward to sneaking a peek of my board game collection behind my head,” Mandelker continued. “And if we’re really lucky, Ronnie’s dog Bueller may make a cameo appearance on his end. We wish we had a fancy virtual studio, but like everyone else across the country working from home, we’re just doing the best with what we’ve got!” 

“This is truly a national show,” Mandelker continued. “I’ll be in LA, and Ronnie will be in Austin.  And the best part is that we’re not limited by geography, and neither is our audience.  Literally anyone anywhere can tune in.  I really love the fact that two friends who are in different cities can come to the same Crappens show together.”

The show will be highly interactive

“Plus, one of the cool parts about doing a virtual show on this platform is that our audience can interact with us via the chat,” he said. “This means that we can answer questions and respond to comments on the fly.  The audience members can also chat with each other during the show; so it’s basically like a big party.”

“We are going to recap like normal — and what’s fun is that we will be seeing these women for the first time along with everyone else,” Mandelker said about the new series. “So we have no idea what they sound like, what their vibe is, or who we’ll love and hate.” 


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“Chances are we’ll have some serious hot takes… and chances are we’ll be proven wrong in a few weeks’ time,” he remarked. “Can’t wait to attempt a new batch of questionable impressions.”

The team teased “special guests” but Mandelker wouldn’t spill about who could make an appearance.

The Watch What Crappens – Live Virtual Event! will be hosted via streaming platform On Location Live at 6pm PST/9pm EST on Thursday, November 12. It also will be available on VOD for purchase to watch up to 48 hours after the live stream ends. Tickets are on-sale now and can be purchased at onlocationlive.com/watchwhatcrappens.