‘We Own This City’: A Shocking Figure From ‘The Wire’ Just Appeared on the Show

David Simon’s latest HBO series, We Own This City, includes several ties to his most famed project, The Wire. The new series is drawing many comparisons to The Wire, especially since some actors from the original series appear on the show.

However, fans were still thrilled to see a shocking figure from The Wire appear in We Own This City.

'The Wire' actor Jermaine Crawford as Jaquan Dixon wearing a cop uniform and Jamie Hector as Sean Suitor wearing a suit sitting on a couch in 'We Own This City'
Jermaine Crawford as Jaquan Dixon and Jamie Hector as Sean Suitor in ‘We Own This City’ | Paul Schiraldi/HBO

‘We Own This City’ is based on a real-life scandal

We Own This City chronicles the 2017 scandal involving the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF).

We Own This City shows how the department’s desperate reliance on statistics over substance eventually led to the inability of department officials to supervise the Gun Trace Task Force and the further inability of the department to discipline rogue police,” HBO said in a statement. “At the time of the GTTF scandal in 2017, though there were numerous indications of corruption within several plainclothes units going back almost a decade, Baltimore police commanders held to the belief that any street unit that could bring in guns and drugs consistently had to be championed and protected. WE OWN THIS CITY depicts the inevitable corruption of a unit given this carte blanche.”

‘The Wire’s Jermaine Crawford just appeared on ‘We Own This City’

Though familiar faces from The Wire had been sprinkled across the first two episodes of We Own This City, fans were in for a special treat with “Part Three.” In the episode, Jermaine Crawford, who portrayed Duquan “Dukie” Weems in The Wire, appeared on the show.

Fans of The Wire will know Dukie as the lovable, curious, but deeply impoverished young boy teased and berated because of his hygiene. In the end, Dukie became a product of his environment and became addicted to drugs. In We Own This City, Crawford portrays officer Jaquan Dixon, a cop who helps homicide detective Sean Suitor (Jamie Hector).

“I had spoken to Jermaine since The Wire ended, but I hadn’t seen him since then,” Hector told TVLine. “It was a reunion and a feel-good moment. To see Jermaine in that role and knowing how talented he is felt like a win. He played Dukie, and I played Marlo, but there we were, in roles completely different from our old roles. Jermaine is a full adult now. I expected great things from him and the other kids from the show, but sharing the screen with him felt good. We had a great time.”

‘We Own This City’ has several familiar faces

Fans have been thrilled to see some familiar faces. In addition to Crawford, who has been immortalized as Dukie, We Own This City also includes Delaney Williams as the new BPD police commissioner. Hector, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Tray Chaney, and Chris Clanton also appear. Domenick Lombardozzi stars as the head of the Fraternal Order of the Police. Finally, Maria Broom is a citizen concerned about criminal activity in her neighborhood.

It was wonderful to see Hector, Crawford, and Broom all in a scene together.

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