‘Wednesday’ Trailer Shows the Macabre Teen Fighting Bullies, Solving Murder and Fitting In

The first trailer for Tim Burton’s Netflix series, Wednesday, had finally dropped, and it is everything fans could have wanted. After months of being in the dark about the overall look for the series, fans got a double whammy with official images of the family and a trailer. Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, stars in a colorful yet macabre storyline where she gets a chance to feel normal and solve a gruesome murder.

Wednesday defends her brother from bullies in the Netflix series

Since the cartoon versions and live-action renditions, Wednesday and Pugsley have always had a love-hate relationship that borders cooky. Fans know Wednesday has a penchant for torturing her little brother and is a bit of a bully. But the Wednesday trailer shows that she is the only one allowed to do so.

The trailer begins with Wednesday walking the halls of a mundane high school and the outcast. But she could care less when she walks to the school pool to call out a group of male students. Like others, they call her a freak and seem unafraid. They are deadly wrong.

With a dead stare, Wednesday says, “The only person allowed to torture my brother is me,” before unleashing two bags full of piranhas into the pool. As creator Miles Millar told Vanity Fair, “She’s allowed to torture him. Nobody else is. That’s the difference. She will defend him to the end against bullies or anything else, but she has license to do what she wants. She’s very protective of him in a very Wednesday way.”

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‘Wednesday’ trailer shows the Addams teen fitting in and caught up in the bizarre

The storyline for the Netflix series explained that Wednesday attends Nevermore Academy, a private school for outcasts and unique teens. The official Wednesday trailer gives fans a look into what can be expected in the coming-of-age story.

Gomez and Morticia tell their daughter they also attended Nevermore. It is also where they fell in love. Wednesday, being a teen is not a fan of their sappy love. In a first look at the Academy, the teens all wear luxurious purple but are clearly not ordinary. The trailer hints that some students have special abilities as one girl’s eyes transform to be comeptley white.

In charge of the school is none other than Sandman actor Gwendoline Christie. But behind her creepy smile is something unnerving. While the trailer shows Wednesday somewhat fitting into the darkness of the Academy, she gets something more. She gets caught up in a mystery and heinous murder. One scene shows blood drops falling on her face.

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Fans have yet to see Christina Ricci’s role and Fester

The trailer for Wednesday has many fun tidbits to keep an eye on. Fans see Thing in action as the trusty servant of the Addams family. But fans might also notice that behind Wednesday in the car is a larger than the average driver. Could it be the infamous Lerch?

But fans have also yet to see the beloved Uncle Fester and how he will tie into the storyline. The trailer reveals a cloaked man wearing a top hat and standing in front of a burning barn. Is the mysterious figure Fester or another character yet to be revealed?

Earlier this year, the series also announced that Christina Ricci would return but not in her original role. While her role is unclear, and the trailer does not tease the actor, fans know she is connected to Nevermore.

Wednesday is yet to reveal a specific premiere date but will be available this Fall.

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