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‘Welcome to Plathville’: Fans Are Convinced Moriah Plath and Her Boyfriend Max Are Engaged

Family drama is a necessary component of a show like 'Welcome to Plathville,' and the older children finding their own footing in the world has caused quite the turmoil in the tightly run ship. Now fans are convinced that Moriah Plath is engaged to her boyfriend Max Kallschmidt.
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TLC has long been a space for reality TV that brings viewers up close and personal with real-life individuals. In turn, we bring the kind of speculation and detective work we would normally reserve for literary analysis into someone’s actual day-to-day life. After all, the shows have invited us to view the starring people as characters in a compelling narrative, and we all want to know what juicy plot twist or great reveal is coming next. 

Welcome to Plathville follows a familiar TLC formula of bringing intimate details of a large conservative family’s daily lives to your television screen. The Plaths, Barry, Kim, and their nine children, are Christian homeschoolers from rural Georgia. The draw of their family for onlookers is their strict lifestyle that bans sweets, TV, and other “vices.” 

Of course, family drama is a necessary component of a show like Welcome to Plathville, and the older children finding their own footing in the world has caused quite the turmoil in the tightly run ship. Now fans are convinced that Moriah Plath is engaged to her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. 

Moriah Plath has been portrayed as the ‘rebel’ of ‘Welcome to Plathville’

Like similar shows that have come before it, Welcome to Plathville has stirred up controversial discussions about the appropriate role of parents and their ideologies when it comes to raising healthy kids. For the Plath family, this has meant a lot of attention paid to the older kids as they experience the shock of breaking out on their own after such a closed and sheltered upbringing. Older son Ethan and his marriage to Olivia — who does not share her in-laws’ strict views despite a similar upbringing — have been a source of many debates

Perhaps inspired by her sister-in-law’s wilder streak, daughter Moriah Plath has been portrayed as a bit of a rebel in recent years. Currently 18 years old, Plath is finding her place in the world and has described herself as “starving for freedom.” Showing up on screen in much more provocative clothing than her parents had previously allowed, Plath spoke about wanting to travel the world rather than settle down. 

Are Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt engaged? 

During Season 2, fans got to see Moriah go on her first real date. Then 17 years old, Plath met with teenager Max Kallschmidt and rode on his motorcycle to get ice cream. As she got to know this much more worldly teen, Plath admitted that she was afraid her sheltered upbringing would be a problem in their relationship: “I wasn’t in the world. I’ve had to learn all this on my own, and sometimes it’s like, ‘What if I learned it wrong?'”

Now, however, fans are convinced the pair have gotten even more serious. The Season 3 teaser video seemed to suggest Kallschmidt was going to give Plath a ring, and the speculation has been supported by keen-eyed TikTok viewers. As ScreenRant reports, when Plath posted a video about her new cat, fans were distracted by what appeared to be an engagement ring on her finger. 

Season 3 promises to focus on family tension

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Ethan Plath Says He’s Struggling in His Marriage Because He Wasn’t Given the ‘Tool Set’ to Succeed

As Season 2 brought a massive confrontation between Ethan Plath and his parents, Season 3 promises to focus on the tension in the family and the clash between the traditional upbringing and the older children’s desire for more freedom. So far, Moriah Plath’s discussion of her love for travel and fashion has been right in line with that tension, and her relationship with Kallschmidt has been a way for her to feel freer. 

If she really is engaged as a teenager, is that a sign that she’s going to settle down despite her stated desire to travel and have an adventurous life? Or will she and Kallschmidt fulfill those dreams together?