‘Welcome to Plathville’ Fans Blast Kim and Barry Plath for Manipulating Their Daughter Lydia

Season 3 of the TLC reality series, Welcome to Plathville, revealed a number of major developments. For example, Micah Plath revealed that he will be moving to West Hollywood. Meanwhile, Ethan, Olivia, Moriah, and Max are relocating to Florida. Many fans, however, are more concerned with what is going on with Lydia Plath, who is still stuck in Cairo with her parents. Viewers were not happy with how Lydia’s parents treated her in the recent season, and they feel that they need to loosen up. Several of them have even called out Kim and Barry Plath for their manipulating ways when it comes to their daughter, Lydia. Keep reading to learn more.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ highlights the complicated dynamics between the Plath family

Screenshot of Lydia Plath wearing a blue top on 'Welcome to Plathville'
‘Welcome to Plathville’ | TLC via YouTube

The plot of Welcome to Plathville centers around the Plath family, which includes Kim and Barry Plath and their nine living children. Mostly, viewers follow the lives of the older siblings — who have finally broken free from their sheltered, ultra-conservative upbringing in Cairo, Ga. — and their interactions with their parents.

The relationships between the family members are complex. Ethan and his wife Olivia have had issues with Barry and Kim, and it led to a confrontation. Kim sometimes goes through her children’s private belongings to monitor their activities.

Lydia is the sibling who most often listens to her parents. Like Barry and Kim, she is very religious and is willing to do chores around the house and childcare. When Lydia revealed that she has a crush, she worried about what her parents might think.

Fans are upset with Barry and Kim Plath manipulating Lydia

Viewers are worried about Lydia’s upbringing and the strict rules she has to follow. Many fans believe that Kim and Barry are manipulating and controlling her teen daughter Lydia’s life. The main reason for their concern has to do with Lydia’s feelings for a boy.

Lydia told her parents about her crush, who lives in another state. Barry and Kim told her to stop texting the boy until they could meet him in person (and also because they had been exchanging hundreds of texts per day). Lydia obeyed at first, but she secretly resumed communicating with the mystery person.

Fans voiced their opinions on social media after watching Kim snoop through Lydia’s phone. Lydia took responsibility after her parents made her feel guilty for breaking their trust. On social media, people accused them of gaslighting her, and they did not like how the couple treated her in the episode.

Some fans have commented on the fact that Lydia seemed “brainwashed.”

One Twitter user wrote, “The way Lydia thinks disappointing her dysfunctional a– parents is disappointing God is scary as hell. I feel so bad for her. Kim and Barry are so strange, man.”

Another person tweeted, “I can’t believe how Barry and Kim make Lydia feel like she committed a crime by texting her friend. Mind you it was just texting with a boy far away. It wasn’t like she snuck out to go and see him to make out.”

A number of fans hope that Lydia will ultimately leave Cairo like her older siblings. Additionally, a few viewers have stated that they wish “all of the Plathville children and adults get the necessary therapy that they should have.”

Other Plath children have had issues with Barry and Kim Plath

A few Plath children have left the farm to live on their own. The main reason has to do with their environment growing up. 

Ethan and Olivia have not been on good terms with Ethan’s parents for years because of their controlling and manipulative ways. At one point, Ethan and Olivia decided they needed to cut off all communication with Barry and Kim. They even left the small Georgia town for Florida, in order to put more space between themselves and Kim and Barry.

Moriah Plath’s relationship with Barry and Kim also became complicated. While she still stays in contact with them, she wants to put distance between herself and them. Moriah even revealed in the season 3 finale that she planned to move to Florida with her brother and sister-in-law.  

If the network renews the show for a fourth season,, the potential storylines could show if the relationships between Barry, Kim, and their kids improves.

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