‘Welcome to Plathville’: Is Micah Plath Planning to Start an OnlyFans?

Micah Plath, the Plath family’s third-oldest child on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville, has been making waves on season 2 of the reality show by pushing back against his family’s conservative expectations.

The 19-year-old was raised in a Christian fundamentalist homeschooling environment. He was expected to eschew cell phones, social media, pop culture, and immodest clothing. But that all went out the window when Micah decided to pursue a career in modeling, start dating, and move out of the Plath family home in rural Georgia.

In a recent interview with Domenick Nati of The Domenick Nati Show on iHeart Radio, Micah opened up about his sexuality, getting nudes from women in his DMs, and whether he would start an OnlyFans account anytime soon.

Micah said he was ‘straight as a knitting needle’

Along with Micah’s modeling career came a larger social media following – and plenty of potential dates as well. Nati asked the Welcome to Plathville star if men had ever asked him out along the way.

“There have been a lot of guys hitting on me, but I am straight – straight as a knitting needle,” Micah laughed. But because he wasn’t interested, he said, he didn’t “pay attention to a whole lot of that.”

As for his dating life right now, Micah revealed that he was seeing a girl named Caroline, whom he met on Instagram. But with everything going on in his modeling career right now, he wasn’t sure how serious the relationship was or where he wanted it to go.

He revealed that pornography was a huge no-no in the Plath household

Next, Nati wanted to know if Micah was getting a lot of attention from women in his DMs, especially given all the sexy modeling shoots he’s been doing as of late. The Welcome to Plathville star admitted that, yes, he had plenty of women hitting him up on social media (including a few nudes) – and he didn’t usually mind it one bit.

“It’s fun at times, getting all that attention,” Micah said. “But I don’t try to let all that get to me. I want to stay humble and stay myself.”

As for pornography or looking at risqué or adult content in the Plath family home, Micah told Nati it was a punishable offense.

“That was a huge sin, that was not allowed,” he explained. “We didn’t get phones until we were about 18, so we had no way to do that.”

If they were ever caught with adult or NSFW content, Micah said, they would be “punished” but also told to keep it a secret. He claimed that his parents, Kim and Barry Plath, preferred to keep difficult confrontations with one child “private” and “behind closed doors” so the others wouldn’t ask too many questions.

“That was one thing I hated,” Micah shared. “We’re a family; we should be open with each other. But they weren’t.” He even went on to say that none of the nine Plath kids were very “close with their parents,” and they didn’t have open discussions with them.


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The 19-year-old isn’t starting an OnlyFans anytime soon

Despite Micah’s ventures into the wild world of Instagram, modeling, and revealing photo shoots, he told Nati he had his limits. He admitted that he’d thought about setting up an OnlyFans – especially because it would be a great source of income, given his following – but he decided against it.

“The money would be great, of course,” the Welcome to Plathville star said of starting an account on the adults-only platform.

Still, he wasn’t about to bare it all for the camera. “That kind of goes against what I personally believe and what I would want to do,” Micah explained, “so there’s no chance of an OnlyFans for me.” For now, he was focused on the strictly PG-13 side of the modeling industry.