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Welcome to Plathville star Micah Plath has become a fan favorite thanks to his sweet, laidback style and his honest approach to life. After spending his entire childhood on the Plath family farm, Micah has moved out on his own and is living life far away from his strict parents.

Welcome to Plathville Micah Plath
‘Welcome to Plathville’ star Micah Plath | YouTube/TLC

The 19-year-old is finally able to enjoy his freedom, but he admits that there has been some animosity since he left.

The ‘Welcome to Plathville’ star had a very unique childhood

Welcome to Plathville is currently in its second season on TLC. The reality series follows Kim and Barry Plath who live on their Georgia farm with their large family. Kim and Barry are the parents of nine living children (one is deceased), and Micah is their second oldest son.

The first season highlighted the Plath’s unique approach to life and the problems it has caused with some of their adult children. Kim and Barry raised their kids on the family farm essentially cut off from the outside world.

There’s no TV, limited internet access, and the kids are all homeschooled. Like the Duggars, the Plaths are extremely religious and reject secular influences.

But when their oldest son Ethan, 22, married his wife Olivia and moved out, he started to experience the world outside of the Plath family farm. This caused massive problems between Ethan, Olivia, and his parents. Their rift also highlighted the fact that Ethan’s siblings Micah and Moriah, 17, wanted to leave home and break free, too.

Micah Plath admits there is some animosity in his family

During a recent appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, Micah revealed that he has officially moved away from the family farm and is pursuing a modeling career. However, his sexy photo shoots haven’t gone over well with his family. In fact, his parents believe his job is immoral.

Micah confirmed that there is “animosity” since he left the farm. He says that no one was talking to each for a while. But recently, they’ve been “working on it” and he does get to see his younger siblings. Micah said that the sibling he’s talked to the least is his oldest sister Hosanna, who lives in Ohio and doesn’t appear on Welcome to Plathville.

However, he doesn’t regret moving out and he has no shame about his modeling work. He did make it clear, though, that there is one line he won’t cross. The 19-year-old said that he won’t start an OnlyFans account because it goes against what he believes in.

The reality star did reveal that he is seeing a girl named Caroline who met on Instagram. However, he’s not sure how serious things are. Micah also noted that dating isn’t really a priority at the moment because he has a lot going on. He says he doesn’t need the distraction, but if he met the right girl he would be interested.

The ‘Welcome to Plathville’ star doesn’t want to do things like his parents

After getting out into the world on his own, Micah has realized that he doesn’t want to do things like his parents. He says he doesn’t want to have nearly as many kids, and would be happy with no more than three or four.

When he is a dad someday, Micah noted that he would not be homeschooling his children. Micah said that one of his biggest complaints about his upbringing was that he wasn’t able to socialize with other kids and couldn’t play sports.


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He’s not even sure about the validity of his parents’ curriculum, and doesn’t think it qualifies as a GED. Micah says that his mom thinks that it does, even though it doesn’t look like they are taking a GED test when they complete their studies.

New episodes of Welcome to Plathville air Tuesday nights on TLC.