Wendy Williams’ Fans Warn DJ Boof After Comments About the TV Host: ‘Don’t Start Now Spilling Dirt’

Wendy Williams’ longtime friend and DJ, DJ Boof, recently parted ways with the show — much to the disappointment of fans. Boof later hinted that Williams’ lifestyle was the reason he quit, and fans have speculated that Williams could be putting herself in some kind of danger behind the scenes.

Still, some fans are dedicated supporters of Williams’, with one warning Boof to not start “spilling” now that he’s left the show.

Wendy Williams and DJ Boof
Wendy Williams and DJ Boof | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Wendy Williams and DJ Boof always had a close relationship

At the start of the pandemic, Williams began doing her show virtually after production was temporarily shutdown around the world in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). When Williams returned to her studio in September, one important part of her crew was missing: DJ Boof. He had been replaced by DJ Suss One, who confirmed that he’d be taking Boof’s place for the remainder of the season.

Fans were shocked and disappointed at Boof’s surprising departure. Williams and Boof had always been close, and she often told stories about how she and Boof would hang out outside of the studio. Still, Williams hasn’t spoken out about the DJ’s exit.

DJ Boof left the show earlier this year for undisclosed reasons

Boof didn’t give fans any notice of his departure, leading many to believe it was sudden and not on the best of terms. Had he been moving on to something new, Williams likely would have given a heartfelt goodbye to the DJ — instead, there was silence.

It wasn’t until Williams acted suspiciously on her show that Boof finally made a comment loosely related to his exit. Williams was called out for acting oddly, including having problems with speech and slurring her words. She also had a far-away look in her eyes, and it didn’t take long for fans to notice.

When one user likened Williams’ behavior to Boof’s exit, Boof finally addressed leaving the show. “Yup exactly and it will all come out,” he wrote in response to the fan comment. “Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs.. this is going to play out bad.. I feel sorry for the workers and victims.”


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Williams’ fans have had mixed reactions to Boof’s exit — with some sending warnings     

Boof has been active on social media since leaving The Wendy Williams Show, and fans often comment how much they miss him. Still, some are sticking by Williams’ side. “We love, Wendy! So whatever you know, don’t start now spilling dirt. Carry on,” one fan wrote on Boof’s recent photo. “Obviously he knows a lot more then [sic] any of us know,” someone else said. When one fan asked if he and Williams “are still cool,” Boof dodged the question, asking her whether the user was booking him to DJ.

Boof and Williams haven’t made any mention of her since he left the show. Still, fans have grown concerned for Williams’ health, despite that she addressed her behavior the following day and said she’s not “perfect.”