Wendy Williams Told Ellen DeGeneres People Think She Looks Like Justin Bieber

Back in 2016, when Wendy Williams was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the two hosts played a special celebrity edition of the game, “Heads Up!” During the game, Williams said that some people say that DeGeneres looks like Justin Bieber. Here’s how DeGeneres reacted.

Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres
Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Wendy Williams and Ellen DeGeneres play ‘Heads Up!’

In a 2016 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Williams and DeGeneres play a game of “Heads Up!” Since Williams is known for her hot takes on celebrity gossip, they played a special celebrity edition. Different celebrity names flashed on DeGeneres’ iPad and Williams had to give hints about that celebrity to get DeGeneres to guess the name correctly.

Leonardo DiCaprio came up and Williams was quick to bring up Titanic. Beyoncé’s name flashed on-screen and Williams said she was “married to Jay-Z.” Williams said, “Oh, she’s got a girl squad” when Taylor Swift came up. And then ‘Justin Bieber’ flashed on DeGeneres’ iPad with 18 seconds left on the clock.

“As much as I want to not like him, I love his new song, and he really is cute. Some people say that he looks like you,” said Williams. 

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DeGeneres looked stumped while the audience let out a chuckle.

“I’ve heard that!” Williams said to the audience. “You’ve never heard that? They say it in a good way!”

The timer ran out before DeGeneres could guess Bieber.

“Do I look like Justin Bieber?” DeGeneres asked when the round was over.

“No, they have made the equation,” said Williams.

“Oh, well, I don’t mind that,” said DeGeneres.

“That’s in a good way. He’s cute!” insisted Williams.

Wendy Williams and Ellen DeGeneres talk about what it means to get renewed as a talk show host

When the interview took place, it had just come out that The Wendy Williams Show had been renewed for three more years.

“Thank you,” said Williams when DeGeneres congratulated her. “I’m grateful. I mean, you’re an OG in this game. You know what it is. You know?”

“Yeah, it’s really amazing,” replied DeGeneres. “I mean, as we know, talk shows come and go. To be able to stay on the air, it’s a big deal.”

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This year, The Wendy Williams Show turned 11 years old.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to say that a show is going to last just because you get one season,” said Willaims. “So I’m very grateful.”

Back in 2016, “Hot Topics Monday” was still a new addition for The Wendy Williams Show.

“So ‘Hot Topics,’ now, is a very long segment every day,” Williams explained. “But on Mondays, no guests unless you’re telling me the inside scoop, you’re coming to me from one of my magazines that I like to read and whatnot. And it’s just fun, Ellen.”