Were Beyoncé and Rihanna Ever on Bad Terms?

When it comes to celebrity feuds, Beyoncé and Rihanna always seem to come to mind. For years, it has been alleged that these two could never see eye to eye and actually considered each other rivals.

Fans are certain that their feud was more than 10 years in the making but since both women are notoriously private, their ill-feelings for one another have never been confirmed or denied.

Beyoncé and Rihanna
Beyonce and Rihanna | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Clara Lionel Foundation

This has left many of us questioning, to this day, whether or not Beyoncé and Rihanna were ever on bad terms?

Many were certain their alleged feud started back in 2006

Although Beyoncé and Rihanna are known for keeping their personal lives out of the public eye, that hasn’t stopped fans from assuming the worst about their relationship.

The singers have had many run-ins over the years and seemed to be on good terms with one another whenever they were spotted together.

In the beginning, nothing lead us to believe that Beyoncé and Rihanna were anything but friendly acquaintances.

That unfortunately didn’t last long because many of us soon found ourselves questioning the status of these two singers’ relationship.

In 2005, a then-17-year-old Rihanna burst onto the music scene and was basking in her newfound fame after Jay-Z signed her to his record label.

Soon after she became his protégé, rumors started going around that Jay and Rihanna were hooking up all while the rapper was in a relationship with the Queen Bey.

While Beyoncé didn’t speak publicly on the matter, her 2006 tracks Ring The Alarm and Resentment seemingly called out Rihanna and Jay Z’s alleged affair.

Although biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli later claimed that these rumors were made up in order to spark some more interest in Rihanna, fans were still convinced that this was only the beginning of yet another celebrity feud.

Fans were pitting the singers against one another ten years later

Despite Beyoncé and Rihanna strictly being focused on their own careers in the years following, fans still found a way to reignite their alleged feud.

In 2016, fans tried to cause more drama between the two singers by sharing a tweet that suggested Rihanna resented Beyoncé for nabbing so many 2017 Grammy nominations.

The “Work” singer allegedly “liked” a tweet that pointed out that her unreleased Anti track, “Desperado,” was sitting higher on the Billboard charts than Bey’s highly acclaimed single, “Formation.”

Beyoncé and Rihanna
Beyoncé and Rihanna | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

While many fans were certain this tweet would would aid in pitting Beyoncé and Rihanna against one another, it actually did the opposite.

Soon after this tweet went viral, Rihanna sat down with Vogue to set the record straight about her alleged feud with Bey.

“Here’s the deal. They just get so excited to feast on something that’s negative,” Rihanna said. “Something that’s competitive. Something that’s, you know, a rivalry. And that’s just not what I wake up to. Because I can only do me. And nobody else is going to be able to do that.”

Are they friends today?

Although they’ve been faced with every single feud rumor in the book, we can easily assume that Rihanna and Beyoncé are once again friendly acquaintances.

While they still keep their personal lives out of the public eye, it seems as though they put whatever differences they had aside after the whole Grammys situation.

It’s hard to even say if Bey and RiRi were actually feuding but it seems as though they are now back on go terms with one another.